Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some Women Just Don't Get Sex ::: Am I a Woman Hater?

I have heard it all.

He wants it all the time

He wanted it again last night

I can't be bothered anymore

Who has the time?

I have to much to do

I hadn't had a shower

I didn't feel like it at the time

etc, etc, etc.

I sympathize with some men I honestly do.

Over the years I have discussed sex with a myriad of women and men. Most men that are in male female relationships love their women, tired, washed, unwashed, fettered or unfettered.

Men crave and desire affection as well as sexual attention.

Women it seems draw a distinct line in the sand when it comes to affection and sex. WRONG!

What if your partner genuinely finds you attractive? Stimulating? Desirable?
Is that a crime? Isn't physicality also a deep part of intimacy?

I think a husband, a lover, a partner should be given the love and respect you would give to a friend - that's  the benchmark - that and some more obviously. I hear women chastise their partners openly and scornfully and I think He wouldn't take that from a friend and she wouldn't inflict that upon a friend.

I don't get it.

Back to sex...I see men at the mercy of their partners fickle, often waning or very vanilla sexual appetite - poor guy.

But this is the grind for me... the notion that she has to GIVE it, he TAKES something, he GETS something.


You have something, you share something, you get something. YOU TOO CAN ENJOY SEX LADIES!

I am sorry but I have watched good decent loving hard working partners made miserable, castrated by the power play of sex, ladies you don't hold all the cards...

but you can...

and have fun playing them.

More on this subject soon...and be good to your libido!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Offensive Image Warning ::: The Furries and the Fury

Hmmm...while I did not have a sheltered childhood by any measure I did find somethings shocking and deeply disturbing. I just could not fathom one reason in my tender head why any other child aged 7 of so like myself would like these characters...TV assulted me with a bombardment of hideous disfigured creatures with bad faces, equally poor humor, innane chatter from bad voice actors or mute panotomime! This was the stuff of nightmares to me.

Marty Monster and Co.
I felt isolated and alone as my friends would laughingly recount Marty Monsters antics - a sadness of a world gone wrong would resonate through me like a gong. I still have a thing about bad teeth to this day - you can blame Martyfor that.
Fat Cat
This still scares me - what was fat cat trying to say?
Would we call him Metabloically Challenged Feline today instead of just Fat Cat?

Agro had a bad attitude but had an acid humor that sometimes shone through his Brillo/Jex like face. 
I don't think I need to elaborate anymore on that.

Sigmund the Seamonster
I am no furry but I did one love Sigmund. 
He was small had one prominant tooth and was picked on by his family - so I could relate. 
Before braces you could have mistaken me for this little guy, although I did not answer the phone by saying 'Shello' - it was a shell phone that was the gag.
True hidiousness.

Which with so much mixed emotion and trauma attached to the phantasmagorical creatures splashed across my vision most of my childhood might explain why I go weak at the knees for this guy.

If you haven't seen it and have an acerbic bent when it comes to humor give this little dog a try. Adorable, rude and crude.
And just in case you're wondering what ever happened to Marty it was this.
Clearly animal cruelty this would not be permitted these days. Perhaps Marty got his just desserts.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Maria Callas - O Mio Babbino Caro - Giacomo Puccini

Arresting and almost too beautiful - achingly disarming. True divinity.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sultry Sexy Sex Kittens of the 1960's ::: The Ladies

NOTE: They were referred to as 'kittens' implying an innocence, a naivety, a softness a harmlessness.
Behold the 1960's Sex Kitten and her beguiling, charming, enticing allure. Don't fret I am already considering Sirens for another blog post, for now its the nymphets. These felines smell of powder and hairspray, use bobby pins and fold fresh linen.
The incredible Brigitte Bardot - who later became a siren. Squeaky clean and very preened a model of good manners and coquettish temptation. 
Jean Shrimpton is said to be the worlds first super model. Too thin for my liking but a perfect example of the Sex Kitten. Perfect touchable hair, smouldering lips and dramatic made up eyes. Pure yet arresting images.

This is my favorite 
BAM! Supreme elegance and pared down sexy style.

  Natalie Wood
Ahh these women had something that cannot be replicated today.

Clean cut and enticing, her lawns would be perfectly manicured no doubt. She would would invite you in for a glass of milk or something more. The scent of her powder puff would be left in her wake.

These women offer sweeping fantasy's of opulent puritanical yet decadent lifestyles, of swimming pools and perfect twinsets, of cocktails and finery, of smouldering kisses and highly defined eyes.

 These females were represented as ladies...
A lady?
Feminine, refined, strong, self assured, pretty, elegant, intelligent and mighty sexy.
They might have been more covert but they sure look switched on and alert, why they might even coo and pur, swish their tail encircle your legs while giving you sweet come hither stares. Ahh the sweet fond softness of the Sex Kitten.


Note the dancing,

note the high high guitars,

note the high 'tight' rever collars on the suit jackets that mirror a little boys school shirt.

MOD - From the word Modern.

The Mod fashion movement was a Modern response to previous and current fashion of the time, it was fashion forward, had a new fit a graphic trend. The 'neat' suit fit, stand away A-line dresses, helmets, mod boots - swoon!, Vespa scooters, Mary Quant, Pucci, Biba and Pierre Cardin define the Mod fashion look.

Eking out its own style post beatnik, Mod style was considered very radical for its time and achieved  its peak during the 1960's. It wasn't for everyone and in a time when fashion was strictly segmented by age - at 30 you were well and truly over the hill and clad accordingly. This was youth fashion at its finest.

If you were a Mod you were current, bold, fashion forward before the term had evolved. Being a mod was a radical statement to society. Mods lived the life. Haircuts are truly definitive in particular this was heightened bob, asymmetrical, short - the the 1950's beehive deflated and redesigned.

For the first time in the 20th century androgyny creeps in, men and women can cut the same silhouette in a jacket or pant.

Black, white, navy and cream, teamed with red. Very British by nature translated beautifully by the Italian designers, the mod movement embraced 'the dance', mods can be very hard core and usually the look was paired with an attitude to match, it was not for the faint hearted. Becoming a mod took commitment...head to toe, Mods were rebels.

If I was committing to the look authentically today this is what I might attire ones self in.
The cardigan clad dressed down mod - still teetering on the soft 60's trend and bordering on beatnik. I love this image could be Portobello Rd mid 60's.
Or strictly mod - high fashion style

 and this might be my work wear.

Go Mod!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Memphis Design 1980's Style ::: National Gallery Of Victoria

Recently I went to the NGV and laughed at myself when I came across these perfect examples of Memphis Design. The movement was at its height during the 1980's it was seen everywhere and I loved it. I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven if owned this chair and book shelf. To me they epitomise the look. Colourful, restrained yet gaudy, childish yet intelligent, functional art.
'First Chair' by Michele De Lucchi 1983. Bookshelf 'The King' by Ettore Sottsass 1981.

Memphis design exploded onto and into every facet of design - it was like a showbag 
vomited on everything; fashion, restaurants, nightclubs, music clips and every available 
page and design element imaginable. I still have some very lurid giant earrings that I
covet that are true to the design aesthetic.

As I continued through the gallery musing on the direct evidence and influence of
Bauhaus and Mid century design that led to Memphis I came across the following
pieces that are way off the mark in the timeline and were clearly anomalies at their
time - that scream 80's Memphis Design to me. I found it quite interesting and thought
I would share. 
The details of this mirror simply read : England manufacturer 1810

This mirror looks every bit an 1980's spectacular.

Christopher DRESSER designer Tea service 1879

Christoper DRESSER designer Letter rack 1881
The ball elements and sense of scale on the silverware above are 100% Memphis
to me.

Joseph CSAKY Abstract sculpture 1919 cast 1960 3/6
Although this sculpture does have some deco feel it could just have easily sat in an
80's Memphis theme.

Barbara HEPWORTH Eidos 1947
This gorgeous piece almost crosses over to pop art and sits on the fence, mid century/Memphis?
Jacob EPSTEIN Sunflower 1912-13
Classic sunburst element here. 

I also came across this stunning portrait simply entitled Girl in Black I found her image 
completely compelling and very intriguing, interestingly I thought she would be 
amazing during any decade. Her hair and clothing could be reflective of so many eras.

Gerald leslie BROCKHURST Girl in Black 1930's

Style and design can definitely transcend time and peal throughout the global consciousness in a seemingly erratic way filtering through again and again during different times and trends, like a beautiful key aesthetic that wont go away.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Motorclassica Melbourne and My love of the Vehicles!

Motorclassica Melbourne
An exercise in pure design.

I love cars, my head spins Linda Blair style when a beautiful vehicle passes me, I have an open and honest appreciation of Motor vehicles.

So many triggers fire within me when I see a great car it excites me on every level! I want to drive it, study it, fawn over the small details, examine the interior down to the glove compartments I want to see in every part of it, the boot, the motor, the wipers, the tyres. Cars are pure design.

I think it stems from my passion of Architecture and form, sculpture and space,Industrial Design be it Bauhaus, Memphis Design, Deco, Minimalism, or Mid Century design my knees buckle every time. My love of colour, fabric and female form led me to become a Fashion Designer. Great vehicles encompass all these aspects of design.

Fiat Multipla Wagon
This is Giuseppe a lovely man his Fiat Multipla Wagon (you can see the front end end in the shot) was incredible and caught my eye instantly it resembles a Fiat 500 but its a wagon! He told me they were used as Taxis in Italy and as the seats collapse were used as a improptu ambulance when needed, The vehicle was immaculate! He was a wealth of information and showed me the full vehicle he is a passionate enthusiast and also has a Vespa at the show.

Another unique vehicle was this 1958 Messerschmitt 3 wheel convertible! All I can say is pwoar and run straight to the Exhibition which is open for another 2 days.

The interior on this Chevrolet Impala must be seen to be believed it features finer construction than some gowns.
There were of course the classic vehicles the Ferrari's the Dino's the Maserati's the cars that were like sex. There was one Maserati that I said I would invest in and give my children a poor education for - it had me! The grill alone was like...heavenly refined chrome glistening Neptune inspired brilliance! I almost needed a lay down over that one. 

Put your shoes on now and get to see this incredible collection! Not only was I impressed by the collection of cars the event, the food, the venue and art direction and consistency in design it was the people, perhaps its meeting people with the same interests. Honestly I had the best time they practically had to usher us out of the venue.

This Ferrari had me - Oh my! I even put on the seat belt!

Now I have been fascinated by the humble Torana scince I saw youths hotting them up complete with roll bars, slicks, racing harnesses and shakers but this...this is an incredible concept car a 1970 TORANA concept car it is divine!

Ideally I would love to see a young tanned Raquel Welsh driving this Torana in a low white bikini. Cars are fashion related but that's another blog!

I also met a lovely gentleman Chris owner of the car above he had such depth and true appreciation of vehicles that I truly learned a lot from my conversation with him. I am considering illustrating his 1958 Pininfarina Ferrari as my next illustrative study.

So get yourself ready and run to see this event. The air vents featured on the sides of this quarter panel are called 'gills' - thanks Chris!

This man is the proud owner of the vehicle 60's super model 'Twiggy' owned and helped designed it - if I remember correctly after a long night of being over excited about cars.  I loved the sheer pleasure of meeting each and everyone involved and thank you to Shaun for letting me sit in his magnifiicent Ferrari to all the people that put up with my interminable examination and appreciation of their vehicles. I shall return before the weekend is over.

Congratulations to all I hope to see you all again! 
PS I made that dress it gained a lot of attention.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ben the Banjo, the Birthday and the Delight.

So I had reason for a celebration recently - my birthday. Someone was kind enough to book at a unique resturant well in advance as is required.

Living in Melbourne you stand little chance of having a bad food experience we are throughly spoilt and I have had my fair share of unique dining experiences but nothing can prepare you for the Attica experience. Like MONA in Tasmania being frugal with your description is the only way to truly serve it justice, one needs to feel their way through.

It's been a week since our date and its only now that I can attempt to distill the experience. Like Shirley Bassey one said Where do I begin? 

It's no where, no where signifigant or glamorous thats for sure, but my once you even hover near the door the seduction begins. A dedicated team lure you in like food sirens. The interior I would liken to a classic black tuxudo, lit like a sceen from a Woody Allen film noir. The walls are like a soft velveteen black balanced agianst the slick hard true black gloss of the door surrounds and the like.

Every dish is served with a full disclosure of its ingredients and intent. Bowls and dishes enhance and delight as it frames each unique oral visual and fragrant bounty. Like a slow medative visual swish each course requires individual recognition.

Like a culinary walk through the Ausralian and New Zealand bush, scents of blossoms visit your tongue enter your nostrils. Delicate touches paying tribute to the wholesome yet refined approach are executed with heightened perfection.

Do not have any preconceived ideas, my advice is to let the experience wash over you. My compliments to the staff, mature and delightful, the entire team behind the scenes to Ben and Banjo...


I had no idea of what to expect - thus the delight was enjoyed 10 fold! Thank you all x. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mental Hiatus & Work

I am having an unofficial hiatus of sorts...

I am still here, I am just possessing a different kind of head space and taking the opportunity to hone some of my skills.

The Janome is gathering dust - but I have just recently purchased some wildly exciting fabric so perhaps I will be designing and creating on the physical plane shortly. Think Gidget.

For now however I am working on 2D. In love with shiny cars designed within an inch of their own believe-ability scalloped in sensuous chrome I decided to have a crack and illustrating a car. A 1969 Chevrolet Impala to be precise.
Original Image

'Super Grande' Illustration

My boobs and a Coffee...

Boobs...ahh the lost art of language.
Corffee as said by Carmela Sporano

"Tony you wanna corffee?

I have plans for more and more...
have a happy week folks!