Sunday, July 21, 2013

Caving into Porn and Design Paleo Style

There are many architectural movements no doubt 1000's to explore. 
Mid Century to Brutalist is the range that serves me best, its is my little luscious niche. I find it all very stimulating, the lines, the space, the colours the textures, it percolates in my head.  I must confess great design is the porn I choose, I pore over it, it gives me the jolt I am looking for.

Recently I found these stunning examples of design and it stuck me what truly resonates at the core of good and great architectural design. A building or structure can connect with you at your core in a Palaeolithic subconscious sense. This house below is cave like appearing to be encapsulated by the earth and trees the timber and lighting emulates a flame like warmth inviting you inside.

This reptilian inspiration is undeniably animal as it negotiates its way through the interior of this restaurant. Damn fine!
Awesome in scale this building is part limestone cave interior, part sun lit sap dripping from a tree, it reminds me both of beetle and armadillo shell this creation is magnificent and inspired.

We are all part animal and we hear the wild wild call no matter how far removed from deep inside of us we may think it is. Our hidden paleo past pings into existence even if it is triggered by the most civilised escalation of our expression and development.

While marvelling at the technology and genius it takes to create these magnificent buildings from deep inside me comes a very reassuring 'Ugg.'

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why I am Deciding to be THE NEW NIGELLA

Nigella might be feeling sheepish for a while and yes she is incredible, but after reading about her recent events and with all due respects I think I should step in for her while she recuperates.

Why? I am a a whizz in the kitchen, love body conscious clothing,we are both brunette, neither of us are beanstalk thin nor shy. I can waffle on endlessly about flavours and use double entredre like toppings and sprinkles too. I can marvel at the texture of Mango or an Avocado endlessy.
My love of food and colour is quite perfect, but it does have to compete with my love of fashion - often vintage and my on going affair with gaudy jewellery, I only wear real plastic - I like it big and obvious!
Her affectation might be refined and British while mine is a more little textured, omnivore and somewhat eclectic. The new digs will look like this...I can just imagine the kitchen, the aromas, carpets, there has to be mauve faux fur somewhere and some kinky tap/faucet fittings - I can wear flimsy fabrics and drip everything on my chest, drink and play my sterio, dance and if I am having a really great time I might forget and burn the food - it will be great!

Life in Lemon Yellow” | Artist: Jen Zahigian | Palm Springs, CA

I sure hope it has a pool - Bon appetite!

Why bad food is so interesting

MY Nervous breakdown ::: Featuring a Diet of Constant Shit

My nervous breakdown might come in the form of a stand up routine...

I mean why not?

Normal is neutered - and here is THE question...

Why are we so busy trying to be normal?

Oh my normal is quite extraordinary, quite well formed, quirky and self effacing it is the decade for that isn't it?

The 70's was a time for sexual revolution and role reversal or at least challenging your role as a man or woman - so my nervous break down then (had I been an adult then) might have involved a lesbian phase and a feminist book being published.

 The 80's...hmmm the drugs could have took me but I am not that self destructive so perhaps some in your face 'Vagina Monologue - esque - Fuck You' to the world.

Ladies your va-ja-jay is not that interesting.

The 90's Expressionistic but warm at heart, some giant disturbing art instillation or show? Some bizarre stuff for the sake of being truly ground breaking and avant garde.

The 00's Safe very safe - an ironic poem and some sad faceless dolls - oh yeah I did that, but this below is just as bad...ah the malaise.

The thing is
I am getting over something, processing something.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Psychological Violence.

Crime Scene Investigation

It all sounds good doesn't it? Good if it doesn't apply to you. But when there are files and fall out its shit. It's a buffet of shit. Would you like a shit roll, a shit baguette or a shit croissant with shit sprinkles and a steaming hot turd on the side? Yeah its a bit like that.

I don't take anti depressants oh no no no I am far to good for that, no I am too real. Episodes and snippets of complete denial or at least keeping up appearances is the drug of choice for me. Face full of make up, washed and appearing to be functioning. Even better be creative, funny and popular.

Refusing to curl and wither my firm grip on denial and coping mechanism - humour might just be the thing to bring to the fore.

Fuck it! There is an inner battle, continue to parade the existence or call it.
But I am no Debbie Downer - I dislike them and refuse to be one myself, my creativity and humour has keep the drugs and down fall at bay, perhaps its time I turn it, perhaps the depleting can become the tool to invigorate me.

In an ideal scenario my insecurities fall away, my will to please is put aside, I allow the words and the feeling linked to those feces encrusted experiences to be shared and regale my personal experiences.

The flames, the betrayal, my denial. Ultimately my ability, yes my ability. My ability to laugh at myself to laugh at my flaws, my shortcomings, it's actually not about other parties involved. I do not seek revenge and respect peoples privacy - this is no backlash. This is not bitter or vengeful I have seen expression and comedy like that it is anything but appealing.

As an artist and expressive creative my life and my work have always revealed where I am at.

Perhaps comedy is next...
or I could be come the next Nigella,
stay tuned.