Monday, February 25, 2013

My Top Oscars Acceptance Speeches So Far!

It is about the speeches...

as you will see.

Beginning with the incredible stable opening and ending in a mish mash of quite delicate emotion about her entire life - stick with it to the end. I admire her raw emotion and how clearly you can see this moment does mean everything to her.


This open hearted warm outpouring - love him! The crowds reaction- pure beautiful humanity.


This is how I might react but I think I might wet my pants fall down and have a snotty nose too. Not that I am emotional or anything...ahem. I am a kisser and a hugger too, no one would be safe I would wipe my nose on every face and or shoulder.
Her response to winning this award is incredible!
See the film Monsters Ball she deserves the award her performance was mesmerising.


Only from the divne Sophia Loren could such an award be given so perfectly! Now its no secret that I do have a penchant for men with sexy accents and Italians in particular but Roberto here is irresistible! He speaks of love - god bless this man and his effusiveness. As he said Love is Divinity.


I think it is very brave to not only act but to give a tidal wave of emotion and thanks for be awarded for doing so, I admire these people for every facet they display, for being true, human and exposed.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I Love a Mature Gent ::: For the Love of Older Men

There is something about older men...

older dignified men. Men with a past men with a history. There is much to appreciate about an older man, a lived in face that wears an expression that tells of his life.

Fit men, tall men, short men, stout, fluffy, tanned or pale. Men who know who they are.

I do not suffer a Daddy complex and as someone who sees themselves as mature it's certainly not about me playing 'young' that would be ridiculous. Perhaps its because these men have some preconceived notion of how to treat a woman, they are gentlemen.

Give me the silver fox every time.

Smooth, sophisticated, refined.

A wardrobe dapper from another time.

A man who knows who he is. Interesting and bold and full of character and charm - in this way age has nothing to do with it, age to me is irrelevant.

I find confidence sexy...
along with fine cloth, good hats, traditional shaving sets, masculine old school glamour and of course great company.