Friday, October 19, 2012

Ben the Banjo, the Birthday and the Delight.

So I had reason for a celebration recently - my birthday. Someone was kind enough to book at a unique resturant well in advance as is required.

Living in Melbourne you stand little chance of having a bad food experience we are throughly spoilt and I have had my fair share of unique dining experiences but nothing can prepare you for the Attica experience. Like MONA in Tasmania being frugal with your description is the only way to truly serve it justice, one needs to feel their way through.

It's been a week since our date and its only now that I can attempt to distill the experience. Like Shirley Bassey one said Where do I begin? 

It's no where, no where signifigant or glamorous thats for sure, but my once you even hover near the door the seduction begins. A dedicated team lure you in like food sirens. The interior I would liken to a classic black tuxudo, lit like a sceen from a Woody Allen film noir. The walls are like a soft velveteen black balanced agianst the slick hard true black gloss of the door surrounds and the like.

Every dish is served with a full disclosure of its ingredients and intent. Bowls and dishes enhance and delight as it frames each unique oral visual and fragrant bounty. Like a slow medative visual swish each course requires individual recognition.

Like a culinary walk through the Ausralian and New Zealand bush, scents of blossoms visit your tongue enter your nostrils. Delicate touches paying tribute to the wholesome yet refined approach are executed with heightened perfection.

Do not have any preconceived ideas, my advice is to let the experience wash over you. My compliments to the staff, mature and delightful, the entire team behind the scenes to Ben and Banjo...


I had no idea of what to expect - thus the delight was enjoyed 10 fold! Thank you all x. 

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