Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Note the dancing,

note the high high guitars,

note the high 'tight' rever collars on the suit jackets that mirror a little boys school shirt.

MOD - From the word Modern.

The Mod fashion movement was a Modern response to previous and current fashion of the time, it was fashion forward, had a new fit a graphic trend. The 'neat' suit fit, stand away A-line dresses, helmets, mod boots - swoon!, Vespa scooters, Mary Quant, Pucci, Biba and Pierre Cardin define the Mod fashion look.

Eking out its own style post beatnik, Mod style was considered very radical for its time and achieved  its peak during the 1960's. It wasn't for everyone and in a time when fashion was strictly segmented by age - at 30 you were well and truly over the hill and clad accordingly. This was youth fashion at its finest.

If you were a Mod you were current, bold, fashion forward before the term had evolved. Being a mod was a radical statement to society. Mods lived the life. Haircuts are truly definitive in particular this was heightened bob, asymmetrical, short - the the 1950's beehive deflated and redesigned.

For the first time in the 20th century androgyny creeps in, men and women can cut the same silhouette in a jacket or pant.

Black, white, navy and cream, teamed with red. Very British by nature translated beautifully by the Italian designers, the mod movement embraced 'the dance', mods can be very hard core and usually the look was paired with an attitude to match, it was not for the faint hearted. Becoming a mod took commitment...head to toe, Mods were rebels.

If I was committing to the look authentically today this is what I might attire ones self in.
The cardigan clad dressed down mod - still teetering on the soft 60's trend and bordering on beatnik. I love this image could be Portobello Rd mid 60's.
Or strictly mod - high fashion style

 and this might be my work wear.

Go Mod!

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