Thursday, November 29, 2012

Offensive Image Warning ::: The Furries and the Fury

Hmmm...while I did not have a sheltered childhood by any measure I did find somethings shocking and deeply disturbing. I just could not fathom one reason in my tender head why any other child aged 7 of so like myself would like these characters...TV assulted me with a bombardment of hideous disfigured creatures with bad faces, equally poor humor, innane chatter from bad voice actors or mute panotomime! This was the stuff of nightmares to me.

Marty Monster and Co.
I felt isolated and alone as my friends would laughingly recount Marty Monsters antics - a sadness of a world gone wrong would resonate through me like a gong. I still have a thing about bad teeth to this day - you can blame Martyfor that.
Fat Cat
This still scares me - what was fat cat trying to say?
Would we call him Metabloically Challenged Feline today instead of just Fat Cat?

Agro had a bad attitude but had an acid humor that sometimes shone through his Brillo/Jex like face. 
I don't think I need to elaborate anymore on that.

Sigmund the Seamonster
I am no furry but I did one love Sigmund. 
He was small had one prominant tooth and was picked on by his family - so I could relate. 
Before braces you could have mistaken me for this little guy, although I did not answer the phone by saying 'Shello' - it was a shell phone that was the gag.
True hidiousness.

Which with so much mixed emotion and trauma attached to the phantasmagorical creatures splashed across my vision most of my childhood might explain why I go weak at the knees for this guy.

If you haven't seen it and have an acerbic bent when it comes to humor give this little dog a try. Adorable, rude and crude.
And just in case you're wondering what ever happened to Marty it was this.
Clearly animal cruelty this would not be permitted these days. Perhaps Marty got his just desserts.

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