Friday, October 26, 2012

Motorclassica Melbourne and My love of the Vehicles!

Motorclassica Melbourne
An exercise in pure design.

I love cars, my head spins Linda Blair style when a beautiful vehicle passes me, I have an open and honest appreciation of Motor vehicles.

So many triggers fire within me when I see a great car it excites me on every level! I want to drive it, study it, fawn over the small details, examine the interior down to the glove compartments I want to see in every part of it, the boot, the motor, the wipers, the tyres. Cars are pure design.

I think it stems from my passion of Architecture and form, sculpture and space,Industrial Design be it Bauhaus, Memphis Design, Deco, Minimalism, or Mid Century design my knees buckle every time. My love of colour, fabric and female form led me to become a Fashion Designer. Great vehicles encompass all these aspects of design.

Fiat Multipla Wagon
This is Giuseppe a lovely man his Fiat Multipla Wagon (you can see the front end end in the shot) was incredible and caught my eye instantly it resembles a Fiat 500 but its a wagon! He told me they were used as Taxis in Italy and as the seats collapse were used as a improptu ambulance when needed, The vehicle was immaculate! He was a wealth of information and showed me the full vehicle he is a passionate enthusiast and also has a Vespa at the show.

Another unique vehicle was this 1958 Messerschmitt 3 wheel convertible! All I can say is pwoar and run straight to the Exhibition which is open for another 2 days.

The interior on this Chevrolet Impala must be seen to be believed it features finer construction than some gowns.
There were of course the classic vehicles the Ferrari's the Dino's the Maserati's the cars that were like sex. There was one Maserati that I said I would invest in and give my children a poor education for - it had me! The grill alone was like...heavenly refined chrome glistening Neptune inspired brilliance! I almost needed a lay down over that one. 

Put your shoes on now and get to see this incredible collection! Not only was I impressed by the collection of cars the event, the food, the venue and art direction and consistency in design it was the people, perhaps its meeting people with the same interests. Honestly I had the best time they practically had to usher us out of the venue.

This Ferrari had me - Oh my! I even put on the seat belt!

Now I have been fascinated by the humble Torana scince I saw youths hotting them up complete with roll bars, slicks, racing harnesses and shakers but this...this is an incredible concept car a 1970 TORANA concept car it is divine!

Ideally I would love to see a young tanned Raquel Welsh driving this Torana in a low white bikini. Cars are fashion related but that's another blog!

I also met a lovely gentleman Chris owner of the car above he had such depth and true appreciation of vehicles that I truly learned a lot from my conversation with him. I am considering illustrating his 1958 Pininfarina Ferrari as my next illustrative study.

So get yourself ready and run to see this event. The air vents featured on the sides of this quarter panel are called 'gills' - thanks Chris!

This man is the proud owner of the vehicle 60's super model 'Twiggy' owned and helped designed it - if I remember correctly after a long night of being over excited about cars.  I loved the sheer pleasure of meeting each and everyone involved and thank you to Shaun for letting me sit in his magnifiicent Ferrari to all the people that put up with my interminable examination and appreciation of their vehicles. I shall return before the weekend is over.

Congratulations to all I hope to see you all again! 
PS I made that dress it gained a lot of attention.

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