Saturday, September 8, 2012

Same But Different...

Might sound like something Vicky Pollard might say but if you thing about it it can apply to everyday.
So I hear you say 'Yeah but no but' right.

What is the same? If your lucky you wake up with automatic nervous system working, the brain is functioning lungs active, limbs are active on call, your jaw works and all is ok.

If we are all lucky there is no nuclear fall out, the sun is shinning and there is no flood or fire at your door. If you are really lucky there are no land-mines, guns or dead bodies out on your street. If you are having a 'same' day you get to open your fridge and the milk is still there - I am talking that kind of the same.

The sameness of life we all take for granted yet miss like crazy should it not present itself.
Its enough to make to make you want to smash things apart on a bad day.

As human beings we all idiotically and seamlessly take most things for granted - like a day. Whats worse it seems is we are all aware of it. We indulge in inane chatter about the nature of these things, while quietly pining for a newer or more prestigious car.

Now I am not going to get all evangelical on you but...
What if your same was of today or tomorrow? What if something untoward did occur? How retrospectively grateful would we all be.

Its not often we cherish a day, an hour, another person, out belongings, our health, our position in this life, where were born, what talents we have or can develop. Think about that for a moment think of how fortunate your normal is. I is natural or western perhaps to always want more I suffer from that affliction too.

Damn commercialism and spiritual vapidness!

What if we took our same - our beautiful same - for a moment appreciated it, embraced and thanked the heavens or Jebus for our same.

I am loving my same.

Some elements of my same, some I never want to change.

What if we took the elements of our same and made it different? Same but different.

I am embracing my same but making it different, I am taking what I do have and striving towards what I can do and we can always do more, even if not for yourself. We can grow, continue to develop use our time more wisely.

From now on my day will be the same but different.

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