Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mop Mop - Three Times Bossa - YouTube

Mop Mop - Three Times Bossa - YouTube: - Sent using Google Toolbar

It just makes perfect sense to my ears.

Perfect for any occasion - enjoy your weekend!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Who and What are You Entertaining?

Aligning yourself with a mentality is a badge you wear.

A drinker.
A smoker.
A gambler - usually denied and expressed as a 'like'.
Self denial.
Self punishment.
Victim mentallity.
Self help zealot.
Religious self righteousness.
Overly critical of self or others.

We are all human. Sometimes our flaws are least obvious to ourselves. I do not expect perfection to be embodied by any human being and I do accept foibles and self expression - I find idiosyncratic character traits endearing and fascinating.

I am not niave and have seen enough to understand human nature good and bad. I know that good and bad may co exist in society, there are carers, nurturers, destroyers and killers.

What I fail to understand at present is societys glorification and on going romance with the murderers and brutal thugs of this town. Why exult hitmen and known crimminals? Why produce series after series generational timelines and heiracy and feed it to the hungry public?

Is there not something more intelligible to tell about Melbournes history? Intimidation and injustice, murder, voilence and greed, hitmen and victims to me are not glorious tales to tell. These characters are not to be revered or acknowledged.

Why not instead look to the admirable and honorable tales. Truth is indeed more interesting than fiction. What about inner battles faced by the people that wanted and tried to do good in their lives? What about the benevolent altruistic acts? They are barely and rarely agnowledged.

Do not glorify and kneel at the feet of thugs via the media. It purpetuates the mentality. They were and are bad people with pernicious and malevolent natures that seek out the opportunity to rob, murder and steal. It is not fiction - it is not far from you. Glorification of idiocy is dangerous. From redicious footage of culpable driving and hold ups to re inacting real life slayings is giving validation and media time to the detrimental elements of life...the bad seeds. Water them and they will proliferate and grow.

Bob and John - not thugs!
Where is the regocnition of the pillars and exemplary elements of our society?

I can accept that we may all be weak, strong, human and flawed - no one is perfect but please remove these morons from my sight.

Its something I have experienced...

and abhor.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

1970's Sex Symbols

Whats with the decade 1970? Whats with the male 1970's Sex Symbol - a term I use loosely for the purposes of this blog.

Now if you are at all familiar with my blog and my previous posts you are well aware that the experience of being a young child throughout the 70's has affected and scarred me deeply.

No wonder, what with the likes of these men as fashion models and sex symbols - its a wonder I am sane.
Roman sandals and long sox the look De Jour
This was prime time AustralianTV - the infamous Alvin Purple! Ahem I was well in bed by that time thank goodness I was saved from a whole lot of therapy...phew.
Fuzzy faces and bad porn hair
What was with all the pervy man fashions that made any sane person look like a dirty old man?
What was with Old Spice and smoking a Pipe? The horror of that smell. I think the co mingled odor would be a 'chargeable offense' these days.

Now this must have been some house party the man has no shoes on but my he looks content and it looks like she has had a lovely time too.

Moustaches are now for young hot guys and stylish dudes and shorty toweling robes no longer rate in pale blue or tan! Old Spice and Smoking pipes are out as are loop pile carpets, roman sandals and walking sox, toilet mats, shower curtains and manky stains.
"How yer go-in'?"

Its amazing what you see and take in as a small child and much to my both horror and delight I am starting to love the things that made me cringe from that era. The colours and decor, thick uphostery fabrics in gloriously hideous colours, now they make me smile.

These guys got the look just right - from the MAGNIFICENT 1970's film 'Westworld' go track it down and watch it - I watched it last week. Trust me you will thank me and you might just be inspired to rock the style!

But I cant help being drawn to the 'wrong' I mean its much more intesting upon reflection. Which brings me to my latest collection! Recently I was absolutely delighted to buy these. God love the 1970's!

Monday, June 18, 2012


What if someone came up to you mid journey and said 'Wrong map'.

Just how long would it take before you decided to put that map down...

How many jobs were lost in Victoria alone due to the cessation of our bread and butter industries? The last count I heard was 27,000 in the last 12 months and there has been many more job cuts announced since then. Everything has been affected fruit canneries, smelters, the idiotic handling of our cattle industry - what were they thinking driving that death nail in? There are now huge cutbacks in education and this comes after the economic stimuli project extended almost every school in the state. Manufacturing has gone off shore, most of the older industrial areas in Melbourne are unrecognizable and have now morphed into apartments while our skilled labor force is left longing. Its progress a sign of the times we get but!

I knew a guy who worked as a cutter for Jag clothing company for years and years till they went off shore, he then worked at Kodak processing plant till that shut down virtually overnight due to the invent and popularity of the digital camera. He is in his mid 40's and his skills and training have become obsolete twice. Last I heard he was a handy man.

So in many sectors the amount of work available has and is continuing to contract. What are the growth areas? Mental Health and Aged Care.
Travel and Leisure. Legal and IT. I don't have the answers I am a Fashion Designer in the outmoded land of the $5.00 T shirt ragtrade.

I get it, its tough out there. Fortunately I myself have enjoyed a great career in the industry and am happily making new ground into areas I now chose to work in.

Competition is heightened to a new lofty degree and the consumer is more aware than ever - its a global sweep when we cast our eye now on what ever it is we require. Savvy are we!
We can afford more, have more but the map just keeps on changing. Food and entertainment has finally become expensive while we find clothing, furniture and house prices continue to fall and jobs become frighteningly more and more scarce.

Ahhh reality take a deep sniff let it burn your sinuses. Like an unpleasant smell in the cinema we all sit trying to ignore it. So in the lucky land we are at last feeling the pinch.

Bloody map - quick get me the app' or the really cheap GPS!

When in high school I had no plans I was simply going to forge my own path and show the world how brilliant I was. There was never going to be a map just sunshine and happiness!

Both my high school and college teachers convinced me I was going to need an education and it turned out they filled in my applications and I got into an Arts tailored College for year 12 and then onto University due to their push. Thank you Barry and Colleen.

Getting into RMIT Fashion Design was no mean feat. In true naive style I filled out my application forms in the hallway while I waited to be called for my interview - some doors just open. I recall rows and rows of hopefuls, some had only a manilla folder in hand and looked like meek little beige receptionists I didn't get it.

I had a suitcase and garment bag bursting at the seams with my designs, all forms of avant-garde wearable art and quite a get up on. I suppose they thought it would be better if I was removed from the street. Sometimes the world opens up for us when we push in the right direction. You cant force it, meld it or predict it, you just have to live it.

Australia affords us a very comfortable 'pinch'. If you are fortunate to be healthy in mind body and spirit there is much to be grateful for.
Life is an opportunity.
Everyday a gift.
Just ask someone that is ill or homeless I am sure they will tell you the same thing.

Motivational speakers from Tony Robbins to Oprah, financial gurus and mental health experts all espouse the benefits and true rewards of recognising what we do and can have.

Life's Banquet - pull up a chair and chow down folks!
If your only problem is that you and your partner cannot agree on what car to buy or that you cannot afford a fourth vacation this year then you had better take a long hard look at yourself or the life of another. Life has a manner of getting peoples with attention - it can take years. You can take life for granted, but somehow in someway life will deliver you with a slap directly to the temple...WHAP!

Your ego may take the blow.

Perhaps you are forced to really see yourself? 
Reassess your values? 
These are gifts they make you grow. 
Some individuals prefer to sit in their haughty denial - good luck with that! 
It will just result in a much more painful fall.

Be grateful, be creative, do what you love and the world might just open up!

Who knows you might actually enjoy changing directions and throw away the map once and for all.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Everybody wants to feel...

pretty basic statement.

Sure we all know it is truth but feel - feel what exactly?

Sometimes we think we know what we want to feel and how to get that for ourselves but when it sneaks up on us and hits the spot - Amen! Strange creatures humans all wanting to deny the fact that we are indeed cliches. Self aware bots wearing our emotional amour we savvy our way through each day.

Right now as I type some music has started playing that's perfectly bluesy and the sky is grey as the sun sets on this cold Melbourne day, it feels perfect! Yes its one of those exact moments. So I am a cliche but god it feels good.

Meeting people that connect and feel with us is magical. Sharing an interest or taste, music, food some idiotic and obscure 'like' that you may have is so rewarding. I have friends and family that share a rapport that can fundamentally 'put me back together'. Its not that I am emotionally unfolding at every turn but sometimes its like an itch that requires attention. Someone to make you laugh or say that it is okay. Its that someone or thing that re assembles the misaligned within. That said it can also be a song, a place, a type of weather, a hug, a smell, an image, an event we experience and its all okay again. We let our guard down remove our cynical filters and feel good again! We are moved, it strikes a chord and we relax and let something good in.

Tarred With the Same Brush
Nature too does a stellar job at it.
For me the best time to run is when the weather is about to turn, the wind is squally the sky is threatening. For some reason I find it exhilarating, some light rain on the face the bracing cold, trying to outrun the down pour. Then getting in to feel safe and warm sheltered from the storm or rain when it hits is something I love to feel.

Artists make us feel. Putting their grey matter out there on the line their emotions and selves its all laid bare. There is a bravery that creative people exhibit that is truly unique. Many a brilliant talent is never shared due to a type of cowardice or humility. No one welcomes a cutting comment or judgment but trying to avoid it by playing small just sells us all short.

To stick your neck out and expose a part of your brain leaves one wide open for all manner of onslaught. I am a hideously sensitive person - idiotically so. While I continue to work on that flaw I leave myself wide open by putting my personal work out there flaws and all. So when I see anothers work that resonates deep within me I appreciate the emotional risk and vulnerability involved.

Feelings and what triggers them is purely subjective as is the experience of categorising them. I have had moments of exquisite pain (although I am also trying to eliminate that too), embraced angst and willingly let myself be immersed in the misery of a song for instance. I call that doing a sad.
Massive Sad

Finding a vehicle that can exult us, make us cry tears of gratitude, sing, dance, stun, arrest is what I want to feel. There is nothing like that genuine core feeling, often it is a reaction.

So I want to recognise and thank the songwriters, composers and musicians that make my innards reel, the photographers, artists and film makers, comedians, actors, performers that have helped define my take on life, the designers of this world, the architects, the fashion designers, those that design, the animators, the speakers and the writers, the people that live with attitude and to those brave people that wear their heart on their sleeve...

Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for the reveal. Thank you for letting me feel. Thank you for putting me back together.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Tall or small...

how are you going to play it.

Who are you playing it for?
People often project their own ideas of who you are to them using their own set of references of how you ideally relate to them, and it can stifle.

Sometimes people expect more of you, less of you...but its how you see yourself that matters.

I have touched on the truth jealously contains in a previous post and I believe it shows you what you might really want.

Anger on the other hand I believe shows you what you DO NOT WANT.

Anger is not a good energy and not one I want to cultivate but it has risen within me to boiling point recently. Its horrible its on me, around me, festering and I want to shake it off.

Now I must say that I am glad I am not a compulsive or self destructive person or I might be devouring entire chocolate cakes, cleaning compulsively, smoking, drinking or gambling - perhaps all of them at one time. It is possible if you think about it.

So what can one do with this pernicious force that sucks the energy from you as it courses through your entire being. Ugh! I usually try to acknowledge what it is what the root cause is. I try not to inflict it on others although my happy go lucky positive persona suffers and its me suffering deep down in here. So what do you do with it? Mammoth Anger.

Anger is a rejection of the current status, its not how you want to see things or have things go. Small and large things and factors play into this, life changing and trivial. Sickness, poor health, expectations not being met, rejection, disappointment, hurt...stuff one wants. The picture clashes with our perception, its not turning out right, its all wrong, the result, anger! Sometimes sadness or withdrawal can be a result but if its aggravating you or short changing you enough it manifests as anger!

So we are now wresting and in the grip of an uncomfortable partner. If only we could disconnect and walk away from it. Sometimes with grace and acceptance we can but if it makes you really angry it requires change.

ANGER can be extinguished by CHANGE.

Change what it is you are angry about, change the dynamic, change the image, keep at it till its closer to what you WANT. Hack at it, tweek it, work at it, refine it, give it consistent attention till you can turn it around or at least live without the negative effect of anger.

Perhaps things change against our will... then your only option is to keep making more change - till you are happy with the outcome. Sometimes the change is mammoth - what is a mammoth but a collection of minuscule molecules? Break it down!

I have been chipping away at my own mammoth trying to break it all down, shift what I don't want to get it to resemble what I do want. For many many many years some of us choose to play small, or meek, the eunuch, the guileless, the giving, the sacrificial, the scaffold for others lives. We invest and expect returns be they emotional, financial or the most valuable the time we can never reclaim.

Anger is your enemy but like many negatives it can be turned around and can become also be a most powerful motivator. Like many things we don't want, it just depends on what you do with it. 

Anger requires change to shift it. Change often presents FEAR.

What do we do with fear? Do we play small, that's one way to deal with it and I dare say its the most popular choice made in reaction to fear by far. Or we can stand tall and push the fear away. WE can overcome the boundaries and barriers placed by ourselves to suit others and break free. Those who love you will continue to love you and with authenticity and action you may find a greater you. A you that's much easier to love, that is more loving and open.

'All of Me' by Lisadee
SO go ahead stand TALL! Be who and what you are be the best you. Go for what you want and desire in life, there will be challenges that's guaranteed, but keep chunking, keep breaking the Mammoth down. Surely we can move a Mammoth bit by bit, bone by bone, we might have to develop skills and be inventive, perhaps separate the hair, the bone, the tusks. Face all that nasty stuff. We can always wash our hands afterward anyway.

I have dealt with a few Mammoths they come in all sorts of guises they tend to get in your way - annoying buggers they are. You can walk around them in hallways have them in your car as you drive but there is only way to get it out of the way...break it down and move it!
Untitled by Lisadee
Once you know whats really annoying you - the cause of your anger you can stop being small and decide to dismantle the beast, its not easy but I will tell you from experience its easier to live with yourself once you decide to start rather than the prospect of squirming indefinitely. They are your options - you choose.

Break the process down, just start.

Then dust yourself off, wash your hands, you will have a lot more space and new cleared energy...

and then and only then

can you

stand TALL.

Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
by Marianne Williamson from A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Children are now being named after brands...

Chanel, Armani, Prada and Gucci to name a few! 

My child is named after a brand...what does that mean?!

Children are so brand saturated by the time they enter school it is ridiculous - is your child (niece, nephew, stepchild, godchild, friends child) a brand? What brand are they?

You are a constant model to children you spend time with in every way. Your actions speak far louder than words.

If you have children in your life what values are you passing onto them, they don't necessarily need to be your own children.
What are you demonstrating to them?

What do you value?

What values to you propose?

Do you demonstrate self worth and integrity in your decision making and lifestyle or are you impressing upon them the importance of branding and consumerism? Are you creating a misplaced emotional hunger falsely sated by shop shop shopping?

Do you tell them jewellery has value and status and then show the child's lack of value by not investing time with them?

Is your love expressed monetarily or organically?

This ain't no happy child.
Are you to busy to nurture any child even if not your own? Those children might require higher levels of attention as basic emotional needs are not being met. The child has instinctual needs, core needs at all stages of their life - into early adulthood too.

We all need to be listened to, nurtured, loved unconditionally and accepted particularly as a child/young adult. I believe many an unhappy teenager might just needs a little more time and love from the people around them - not things.

I have tried to raise my children and install in the many children around me human kindness, integrity, dignity and the love we all deserve... and it is free.

Some time and energy is all that is required and it comes back 10 fold, not a bad return for the outlay.

At the end of the day they will value a meaningful talk or hug, an silly moment, a belly laugh, the best meal, a kindness expressed. Not the amount of money or status - sure its all nice but if the rest is missing its worth nothing.

Children try and test us at every turn, but we are here to help them on their journey. We have had our turn as children and while I may have been lucky enough to have grown up without need or want, the toys, jewellery or holidays are not the things I recall with warmth - the brands and expense hold no value now.

I recall so many simple things warmly that did not cost a cent. I don't want to install brand loyalty, pretentiousness and preciousness.

I want and hope to raise and affect the children around me in a way that lets them know that I love them for who they are for what they naturally are unconditionally not what they commercially consume or what brand name they may sport or wear.

My sons.

I want them to understand they alone are enough and are priceless as individuals and human beings.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Must have been a 1960's lag into the 1970's but I recall images like these VIVIDLY!

I recall thinking for sure that's what I would grow up and be wearing.
Pierre Cardin 
Pucci designed this bubble helmet to protect the Air Stewardess' hair do - they were phased out. Such a shame.  

 Children sported a semi futuristic trend too. Is she not divine? Mum/Mom could rock a frock like this...all sorted!

Sophisticated NY types wore this get up to work - in my nubile body and brain I had it all sorted. Yep that was the future, my interest in fashion it seemed had already formed.

Everything would be made of perspex - a truelove of mine! 
Of course families would wear the following I do like the silver outdoor wear insulation and style de jour!

We would groove to funky trax...
Please ignore the graphic but do listen!
Lifts the spirit doesn't it?
Even cartoons confirmed this expectation of the Futuristic Future. I particularly loved the exhaust rings and the sound of the spaceships it was something that truly fascinated me.
Now while I would love to don this outfit for today I shall refrain in my head however I have definitely got this on while listening to Jean Michel Jarre'.

More fabulous images here

One day I shall have a house that reflects this passion - even if I just line the entire thing in Aluminum foil and wear plastic...sounds like a photo shoot might cure me...flash lights and cellophane. Better get busy and put on something sensible.