Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some Women Just Don't Get Sex ::: Am I a Woman Hater?

I have heard it all.

He wants it all the time

He wanted it again last night

I can't be bothered anymore

Who has the time?

I have to much to do

I hadn't had a shower

I didn't feel like it at the time

etc, etc, etc.

I sympathize with some men I honestly do.

Over the years I have discussed sex with a myriad of women and men. Most men that are in male female relationships love their women, tired, washed, unwashed, fettered or unfettered.

Men crave and desire affection as well as sexual attention.

Women it seems draw a distinct line in the sand when it comes to affection and sex. WRONG!

What if your partner genuinely finds you attractive? Stimulating? Desirable?
Is that a crime? Isn't physicality also a deep part of intimacy?

I think a husband, a lover, a partner should be given the love and respect you would give to a friend - that's  the benchmark - that and some more obviously. I hear women chastise their partners openly and scornfully and I think He wouldn't take that from a friend and she wouldn't inflict that upon a friend.

I don't get it.

Back to sex...I see men at the mercy of their partners fickle, often waning or very vanilla sexual appetite - poor guy.

But this is the grind for me... the notion that she has to GIVE it, he TAKES something, he GETS something.


You have something, you share something, you get something. YOU TOO CAN ENJOY SEX LADIES!

I am sorry but I have watched good decent loving hard working partners made miserable, castrated by the power play of sex, ladies you don't hold all the cards...

but you can...

and have fun playing them.

More on this subject soon...and be good to your libido!

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