Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To all the Men I have Loved Before

Ok lets talk men. Striking men, memorable men, lovely delicious men! Ordinary men, plain men, brooding sexy men, fugly weird sexual men - hey its all good.

Gene Kelly
strong athletic unguarded and as much charm as any man could

I have watched this man amble, swan and lift women like they are delicate dainty bouquets. Such a masculine dancer and those arms...mmmm.

 Darling darling darling darling!
Cary Grant....where do I start? Brilliant comic timing a tan to rival George Hamilton perfect glossed hair, legs to his neck...only rivaled by Robert Mitchum in physique..but Cary had class and a refined finesse, perfectly well rounded verbal affectation that I am sure loosened garments and corsets alike.

The lovely Mr Curtis - just plain cute...cheek squeezing goodness...
Ah Javier...mmm like gristle, chewy and interesting something you linger on, nasty yet addictive...munch munch munch. been watching Javier Bardem since he was only ever in foreign films - love seeing him more now :)

Don - Do Me - Draper. Now Don interesting complex character - just love the guy...and I want to step back in time with him...."Come in put your hat down, I'll take your coat" I love you Don.

And  Waldemar Januszczak.......oh good lord the guy is as cute as a button - I do suspect I would tower over him but that's ok, love this fellas take on things and verbal flamboyance that he splashes his own creativity and skewed view so unexpectedly - love it! Intelligence, wisdom and wit....oh Waldermar!

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