Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Shirley Barry presents Baz Bubbles!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Joan of Arc or The Monarch of Moomba?

I found myself writing this in an email today…
'I will either be Joan of Arc or The Monarch of Moomba.'

Humour is essential, particularly when your character is under fire. Over the past three years I have committed myself, my time, energy and my capacity to a number of volunteer roles, where to my surprise I have quickly risen up the ranks. As voted by peers and mentors. This was never my plan; suddenly I was at the head of the table.

As a creative this was never the planned career path. A volunteer sure – leader - for me it came as a complete surprise. It became apparent that people I admired and respected chose me to lead. Was leadership something I had anticipated or planned for no?

               Grateful, bewildered, determined and honoured I took it all on.

It didn't take long for the discord to hit, I was scorned as an inexperienced ‘young’ female actively seeking to stimulate and enhance a static culture. Going very much against the grain disrupting the status quo my appointment was met with both cynicism and support.

Grace under fire is a choice, re activeness and judgment need to be shelved when we are personally and professionally challenged. To be challenged in a voluntary role came as a real surprise to me, particularly when it became escalated and at times personal. I must admit there was some hurt and confusion on my behalf.

When I stood back I realised that I as challenging an ingrained culture and I was perhaps being judged by my role not my integrity and dedication. We were all fighting the same god fight, but when tempers and nerves are frayed and fear is rife, the pack mentality kicks in.

SO what did I do?

I invested in understanding the experience of the stakeholders involved – large and small. I gave time to the individuals; I listened and considered the competing dynamics. From there I chose to strive for the best possible outcome for all.

It has not been easy there is no financial reward, no accolade, no real recognition pending – I was the person with the cross hairs placed firmly upon my forehead. The journey has been made bearable and at times wonderfully rewarding due to my fellow volunteers beside me, some supporting me some at times rightfully challenging me, contesting my actions and providing me with valuable feedback, which I took on board and learnt from. 

It has been a journey of growth.

Now with as many metaphors as I can muster I have sent the work out into the unknown like baby Moses in the reed basket. The joint efforts of a talented team of dedicated selfless professionals is now in the hands of an external party and we await the reply be it positive or negative leaving.

Which brings me back to that email I was composing earlier today regarding the outcome and consequences of the verdict.

 I will either be Joan of Arc or The Monarch of Moomba.

Win or lose either way it has been incredible journey, which I am truly grateful for.

I am ready for both the feather boa and the fire. 

I with my team have done our very best.

Creatively activating positive culture and cohesion wherever possible. The verdict is yet to be decided by the few then judged by the masses. Wish me the best - me, Molly, Joan and Moses. 
In order optimistic, brave and vulnerable, I'll let you know 
how we go.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Ache and the Heartbreak

At one point if you have ever lived you might find yourself suffering from a broken heart.

My heart breaks a lot, sometimes a little sometimes a lot.

I blame it on my accessible emotion. On being generous with my heart.

I would rather offer love in any relationship than not.

Some shelter, some refuse to experience the multi-faceted experience of love and pain.

Loves pain can crack you open to a newer deepened experience of yourself.

Why stand in a shallow when you can immerse yourself fully experience bliss but risk the pain.

All artwork my own -

A heart is immense it has reign and terrain for everything. The many forms of love of friendship, courtship, of things and places, of objects, concepts, and spaces, of music, textures, and tastes.

Love does not ruin us it is what makes us alive.

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"Love don't make things nice, it ruins everything, it breaks your heart, it makes things a mess. We're not here to make things perfect. Snowflakes are perfect! The stars are perfect! Not us! Not us! We are here to ruin ourselves and break our hearts and love the wrong people and die!"

Friday, February 16, 2018

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Recently unreleased archival footage of the incredibly talented and popular Shirley Barry has emerged from the archives.
Lisa Defazio host of the youtube channel Have You Got a Minute that shines a light on passionate people and their interests has just revealed she is the custodian of this incredible legacy.

Details of how she came to get the footage remains unclear what is evident however is that she is onto something truly significant as for as our Australian cultural heritage is concerned.

Shirley Barry, it is believed was raised in a typical outer suburb of Melbourne, during her hay day as one of the medias most loved hosts and entertainers she rubbed shoulders with all of the networks most significant icons. Shirley reigned supreme as on the Australias most respected female entertainers of the late 60s through to the 90s. As her show was stated she was the Royal Standard in variety entertainment.
Shirley Barry as she first appeared on Australian TV
Then in the late 90s Ms Barry all but disappeared from view, it was rumoured that the break down in her eighth marriage, weight gain and the loss of her time share apartment at Club Mulwala was the final straw.

Defazio claims she discovered the footage spanning Shirley's entire 40-year history while rummaging through a charity store. An avid vintage collector this could be possible but the fact that this footage could be discarded defies belief.
Shirley's Mother and sister seen here on board a flight toasting to the Ansett Airlines sponsorship of the show.
Companies lined up to get endorsement deals with Shirley thus was the calibre of her influence.

There is currently a bidding war raging between the ABC and the ill fated channel 9 over the rights to not only the Shirley Barry Variety Show but also never been released tell all interviews. The footage has programs like The Project, The Circle and the talent at the ABC running scared as Shirley threatens a return.

Heralded a feminist icon and regarded not only for her sharp with and feisty attitude her take no prisoners approach to life Ms Barry was more akin to her male colleges of the time. Shirley stood toe to toe with them all. With most of her peers now retired she could be on the verge of a comeback and is about to prove that She who laughs lasts laughs loudest.

Defazio is guarded when asked about her plans of the footage.

Newly appointed ABC art critic Mx Rasberry Curtains has met with Ms Defazio for an interview on Have You Got a Minute - discussing the cultural significance of Shirley's role in Australian entertainment. This endorsement alone speaks volumes. Ms Curtains suggests you subscribe to the youTube channel to keep abreast of developments.
Mean while Ahn Do is trying to gain access to Shirley hoping to use her status as leverage for his Brush with Fame series. The Project, Laurence Mooney and Working Dog and Princess Productions have all put forward collaborative offers to Lisa to access the material.

It seems ironic that Shirley Barry an unconventional yet brilliant woman from an age now perceived as archaic could stand to revolutionise this uninspired media landscape of political correctness and ever expanding fragmented inclusion and reemerge as a pivotal dynamic force.

For the time being, we are being drip feed snippets of Shirley via Instagram, facebook and youTube.
Let's just hope the world is ready for it.