Thursday, June 21, 2012

1970's Sex Symbols

Whats with the decade 1970? Whats with the male 1970's Sex Symbol - a term I use loosely for the purposes of this blog.

Now if you are at all familiar with my blog and my previous posts you are well aware that the experience of being a young child throughout the 70's has affected and scarred me deeply.

No wonder, what with the likes of these men as fashion models and sex symbols - its a wonder I am sane.
Roman sandals and long sox the look De Jour
This was prime time AustralianTV - the infamous Alvin Purple! Ahem I was well in bed by that time thank goodness I was saved from a whole lot of therapy...phew.
Fuzzy faces and bad porn hair
What was with all the pervy man fashions that made any sane person look like a dirty old man?
What was with Old Spice and smoking a Pipe? The horror of that smell. I think the co mingled odor would be a 'chargeable offense' these days.

Now this must have been some house party the man has no shoes on but my he looks content and it looks like she has had a lovely time too.

Moustaches are now for young hot guys and stylish dudes and shorty toweling robes no longer rate in pale blue or tan! Old Spice and Smoking pipes are out as are loop pile carpets, roman sandals and walking sox, toilet mats, shower curtains and manky stains.
"How yer go-in'?"

Its amazing what you see and take in as a small child and much to my both horror and delight I am starting to love the things that made me cringe from that era. The colours and decor, thick uphostery fabrics in gloriously hideous colours, now they make me smile.

These guys got the look just right - from the MAGNIFICENT 1970's film 'Westworld' go track it down and watch it - I watched it last week. Trust me you will thank me and you might just be inspired to rock the style!

But I cant help being drawn to the 'wrong' I mean its much more intesting upon reflection. Which brings me to my latest collection! Recently I was absolutely delighted to buy these. God love the 1970's!

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