Sunday, June 3, 2012


Ok its not often that I get primal but these guys obviously do.

Tom Jones makes love to everyone in the studio in this clip - why he even forgets to sing. He is throwing his manhood around filling every corner of the room. Wow!

SO as for clothing Mr Sammy Davis Jnr wins hands down for the zip alone in this number! The ladies and in particular the woman on the left of screen goes almost Emu like crazy - keep your eyes peeled for the close up of the midriffs!

Gotta love a midget like black dude with a 'tude' like that!

Pure sex - I didn't say it was great sex. Visceral grunt with flair!

For ladies with no rhythm you can give this a whirl!

Next time I am on a dance floor I am going to sport these moves - watch for Time mark 1.30 - 1.35 ;)

Its Monday go have some fun!

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