Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Okay so I like to think I am not an A type personality and that I don't  suffer an addiction affliction. In states of self maudlin indulgence I have even tried to be an addicted tragic...

the sad / glad news is I am far to practical for all that. My system and mind set is far to sensitive and rational, a drunken poet I shall never be, my house will never be in shambles while my mind is exulted and smashed against the rocks of pure creativity. Nor am I controlling and uptight.

But every now and then I become fixated my little band of focus locks on and my laser light is unable to shift. Recently it was in relation to 'Chord Organs' oh bless the day I stumbled across one, I was looking at Lincoln Continental cars and wallop what hits me right between the eyes?

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 My heart skipped a beat...

Elegant anodized golden atomic legs, beautiful ivory and black faux leather carry case, the lid is removable, it has tiny brass hinges and latches and it sounds a lot like a Piano Accordion.

I had to jump through some hoops to get it but now this baby is mine. Its tiny, my giraffe like legs don't actually tuck underneath the height of the organ. Also I have another beauty coming from the USA a tiny table top organ, I cant wait to compare the sounds.

How does this relate to addiction and compulsion? Well like I said I don't think I suffer from addiction but I was fixated on this specific organ and was not satisfied till I owned this specific one - luck had something to do with it too.

I get these queer fixations they take over my brain its all I see. For a while it was roof racks! 

Seriously its hilarious what people want to strap to the roof of their car, some are like giant iron bed frames adorning some old clapped out car that is no doubt the workhorse of cars, others are sleek and modern and some are factory fitted and are fascinating on vintage wagons and mid size cars. If you open your eyes there is a world on top of cars out there.

Soon I will have a new addiction - ahem I mean focus, I try not to entertain the new fixation till I can actually allocate the time to it. I cant wait... it will be learning how to play the organs not buy roof racks.


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