Thursday, June 7, 2012


Must have been a 1960's lag into the 1970's but I recall images like these VIVIDLY!

I recall thinking for sure that's what I would grow up and be wearing.
Pierre Cardin 
Pucci designed this bubble helmet to protect the Air Stewardess' hair do - they were phased out. Such a shame.  

 Children sported a semi futuristic trend too. Is she not divine? Mum/Mom could rock a frock like this...all sorted!

Sophisticated NY types wore this get up to work - in my nubile body and brain I had it all sorted. Yep that was the future, my interest in fashion it seemed had already formed.

Everything would be made of perspex - a truelove of mine! 
Of course families would wear the following I do like the silver outdoor wear insulation and style de jour!

We would groove to funky trax...
Please ignore the graphic but do listen!
Lifts the spirit doesn't it?
Even cartoons confirmed this expectation of the Futuristic Future. I particularly loved the exhaust rings and the sound of the spaceships it was something that truly fascinated me.
Now while I would love to don this outfit for today I shall refrain in my head however I have definitely got this on while listening to Jean Michel Jarre'.

More fabulous images here

One day I shall have a house that reflects this passion - even if I just line the entire thing in Aluminum foil and wear plastic...sounds like a photo shoot might cure me...flash lights and cellophane. Better get busy and put on something sensible.


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