Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eat Like You Are Away ::: United Arab Eatery

I love food it is no secret and living in Melbourne is like an indulgent food discovery at any given time. Having recently eaten at Attica I was blown away by the quality of the food I came across at U.A.E United Arab Eatery and found myself making comparisons to the restaurant.
U.A.E is not a restaurant it is a lovely little homely cafe eatery.
Open for lunch and dinner everything is homemade and exquisite something to be experienced rather than recommended - they do offer take away and patrons were more than happy to wait for their order and I can understand why, in fact I thought thrice about sharing this place as I selfishly want to covet it and its limited seating. Beautifully selected ingredients are fresh and blended with seemingly effortless yet spectacular results. Another thing I love about this place is its conviction in regard to offering a limited array of drinks that perfectly compliment the menu.
This the Roasted eggplant and pumpkin meal I would seriously recommend as I would any other I have had since, the lamb and preserved lemon pide is also divine.
So if you want to get a little cosy and enjoy some great food every time - get to U.A.E tell them you read my blog and tell them Lisa says Hello.
107 High Street 
T: 9480 4044

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