Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Look you went too far ::: Public Beauty Fails

How do you tell someone?

Look at 60 years of age that face tatt' is just not rockin'.
What do you mean I'll have more birthdays?

Midriff at  work - nah...

I know I dropped my USB...
Diamonte grill on your teeth - dunno. I still have images of James Bond villains reverberating around my head.

The eyelash extensions that look like bike spokes hanging off your eyes - not good.
She has an excuse...
Yeah that 'I just rolled in baby poo' tan - ya' gotta stop it.

Sunday morning at the Supermarket this look just does not translate!
Competeting with the Bimbos are the Himbos...
The ba-jazzle og the fa' jazzle that is your nails - just cut it out.

Ya clanging and banging long giant fake nails with the decals - look they are not your cars duco so maybe you might re think it. Long nail extensions are a neutering just waiting to happen - if I were a guy I would run a thousand miles from anyone sporting these gonad slicing wonders. Besides how close can you get to yourself in terms of personal hygiene - what do you do get a rag on a stick to take care of things?

As for as the vagazzle - if your Cha Cha has got to look like a mirror ball you're doing something wrong. What next doof doof speakers hanging from your ovaries? 

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Anonymous said...

Fingernails like that always creep me out. Actually, even the "normal" square shaped ones look bizarre.