Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What do you want? Glitter and Rainbows all the Time?

Be careful what you wish for - you just might get it!

What a lovely problem that would be I can see bluebirds and ribbon swathes fluttering above my head as I think about it.

Getting what I want - oh the mere suggestion of it. My visions have always been huge and all encompassing and if they - when they occur I am sure there will be a period of adjustment and then on going readjustment.

Often I have been witness to people yearning and indeed getting their needs and wishes fulfilled only then to begin to complain about them once they appear.

People often complain about the best problems don't they?

A challenge, a task, a choice.
Be grateful you are in a position to have great problems. What job to take, what cat or car to buy, when and if to start a family, a relationship, holiday...

As we traipse through the abundance on offer we fail to stop and smell the proverbial.

We all expect to live a charmed existence with the lot: sparkles, enthusiasm, pure enjoyment, total elation in an almost endless supply.

Well life can be like that at times, but I can guarantee not all of the time. In to each life a little rain must fall. Strangely enough the rain can even start to fall at the exact time we get what we wished and longed for.
So while the bluebirds are swirling ribbons above our heads, rainbows are in full splendor and all is fine in the forest, sometimes, sometimes due to timing and life wanting us to see just how lucky we are, sometimes things can also get tough. 

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