Thursday, September 20, 2012

::: 1960's Mens Dandy Fashion :::



A man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance.

Excellent: "upgrading seemed a dandy idea".

noun.  dude - fop - beau - jack-a-dandy - coxcomb
adjective.  swell - fine - dapper - foppish

Back in the early 1960's a new men's fashion emerged 'The Dandy' harking from the true dandy phase in period costume the dandy look took its cues from the early 1800's English notable  Beau Brummel

Tailored and refined in cut the new men's silhouette in its truest form sports the defining two key elements: pants floating high on the ankle 4 - 6 cm above the shoe, the shoe neat and square toed or a wider round point, later 60's saw fabulous men's ankle boots of a similar vain and the Pea Coat Jacket with the exaggerated broad revers (lower part of the collar).

The Pea Coat was a cross over from the Marine style jacket - think a sailors captain and the vintage costume double breasted jacket.

The trend followed on from the extreme and lean sharp tailoring of the 1950's think Mad Men. God help you if you were not trim back then. Men's sizes were sold in ranges of Tall, Regular and Stout...ahem...

I would marry this guy today based on the outfit alone!
The look was one of the first waves of youth fashion and fashion has never looked back since then. Bands loved the look it was reactionary and seen as a radical direction to take along with long hair and wild colours, cravats and lace shirts were sported by the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Who and Herman's Hermits, their later years yields testimony to the lairy fact. The trend then sees Mick Jagger Below morphing into a 1970's Ghetto Pimp - the latter Dandy.
The Rolling Stones
The Who
Now I love a man who has his eye on fashions changeable horizons, a man with some flair. The new take on this look I adore, but be warned it suits a select few.

 And that's Fridays Fashion for you...dandy to you!

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