Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Travelling to the Tropics - TROPICAL PACK HACKS

So I am off to Thailand where it will be warm and beautiful. I look forward to diving, swimming, sight seeing and soaking up some of the sights, food and culture. I am looking forward to the pristine oceans and scenery, meeting locals, savoring the cuisine and fresh air. Adventure seeking and a fair share of unwinding ahhh I can see it now.
Problem is it will also be hot and humid...
I recently spent some time in Queensland Australia I am from Melbourne, lovely grey cool Melbourne. Sure we get hit with the odd humid hot day but while in Queensland it was the entire two weeks. Needless to say I my hair was very Leif Garrett or Barry Gibb and my vintage clothing did not quite translate. Crimploline in humidity is not so great. This may sound trite but while experiencing this holiday I still want to be true to me, not Barry or Leif in a practical frock and sandals.

 I am thrilled to say I am heading to Phuket to stay at The Phuket Pullman Arcadia Nathion Beach elegant luxury.

But this time I am planning for the humidity, the swimming, the Gabe Kotter hair I get post swimming. So what am I going to do to counter the not so great effects of heat of humidity?

With the aim of swanning around looking like a vintage siren I am going to do it differently this time I am going to…


Wardrobe - mostly cotton frocks, two large cotton scarfs one mesh swim sarong and one cardigan.

Shoes - ridiculous heels to wear to and around the pool with my 'cabana' wear - from the room to the pool perfect! I do have one pair of comfy spongy rubber shoes and a versatile sandal. Some people can wear thongs/flip flops and look very cool - I alas cannot.
A mix of contemporary and vintage poolwear ensemble packed!
Skin care - Sunscreen with a matte finish for the face, hands and decolletage I have found the Cancer Council of Australia has a great one that I use. A general one that smells great and leaves you feeling like you have used a moisturiser. Always carry a handkerchief - not tissues, great for blotting and to take care of unsightly perspiration. The Japanese are very open about this and there are actual items designed for this which I love.

Hair - After swimming I will use a headband and or a hair tie, if I get enough height a quick flick with a hair comb into a french roll perhaps a scarf and some bobby pins but that's not likely I am too impatient to spend time grooming whilst I can be exploring. I won't be using any products to tame my hair besides contaminating any water, beach or pool I enter I don't think they work. Hopefully I will end up looking like one of these lovelies!
Jane Manesfield wearing a headband with her barely restrained bust.
I will let you know how I go what worked and was fabulous! 
Look out here for the review and keep an eye on my new instagram account - yes a late comer. 
See you soon from Phuket - photos to follow!

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