Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day Four - Patong...

Another gorgeous day in Phuket and I am looking for the more typical experience and am off to Patong. Busy busy Patong very tourist driven, lots of bars, shopping, entertainment and real estate for sale in tiny shop fronts that were more like cubicles, while it was great to see seeing Bangla Rd once was enough it was pretty hectic. I found it to be like Rye carnival on steroids.
There are lots of bars and entertainment I can see how this might appeal to a younger market. Groups of friends hitting the town out to have fun. The Aussie themed bars were something I chose to avoid. So yes I did the fishy feet thing and I loved it, while others squealed I blissed out. But as for riding elephants and watching animal acts I chose not to. If I were traveling with children I recommend a day visit and leave the after hours for the over eighteens. A quick visit then off to Juncelon for families I would say.
The large shopping complex called Jungcelon is in the heart of Patong that has numerous restaurants and offers both traditional and western options, of note was the Ramen Burger and the Almond Choco balls which I would imagine to be a lot like Nutella Nuggets. Nom nom!
Speaking of taste I did discover a new fashion store I fell in love with JASPAL tiny sizes though I just squeezed into the large. Lovely lovely accessories and well planned options and colours,very elegant great price point and as I found after returning to Australia a Thai company. I picked up some wonderful shorts but will have to wait a whole season for summer to roll around before I can wear them would have loved to have snagged this range and the quirky applique dress it's just perfect.   

So in a land of diversity I decided to head back to The Pullman Phuket for dinner where I indulged in a two course a la cart dinner. From food court to fine dining whats not to love? So back to the room for a quick shower and change then a cocktail before dining.
I packed light - new blog on whether my planning worked or not coming soon. This is the view from the C-bar - I recommend The Pullman Signature containing fresh mint apple and has a sweet and sour zing! Gorgeous and alcohol free very refreshing and hydrating after a long hot day. 

I chose an a la carte two course dinner at Elements restaurant.
'All Day Dining will showcase fusion delicacies and the fine traditions of Thai and Western cuisine.'
Can I just say everything did taste as good as it looks. The appetiser was a standout for me Chicken Beef and Prawn cooked three ways, don't get me wrong the Fish in Mango sauce was incredible as was the Curry Chicken. I live in Melbourne the unchallenged food capital of Australia and as such I eat well every day - this place does not fail. The Food Court was fun but...

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