Monday, April 6, 2015

One Day in Paradise - Kuala Lumpur and Phuket Pullman

There is something between booking a trip and the experience it is the unknown. Within that space may lie anything from unarticulated expectation to inaccurate marketing messages and overblown promises. I recently booked a trip on line through a third party better known as webjet.

Hotels usually come with a reputation many of which precede them. One knows what to expect when booking at one of the Hilton or Sheraton Hotels where a certain level of service and luxury is an expectation that is almost guaranteed. They promise to deliver and in my experience do. This is one of the key reasons I have chosen them as a preferred brand for my accommodation stays. Which brings me to my recent choice of establishment The Pullman Phuket Arcadia.

I have never been to Thailand and was perhaps a little cynical about the destination after all it is a very common holiday choice for Australian travellers. With little expectation and a little research post booking I set off for my 8 night Thailand experience. Like I said I was a little cynical - I couldn't picture myself doing the typical Thai experience but the package was perfect for my requirements and I took the plunge via Kuala Lumpur.

Melbourne to Kualar Lumpur 9 short hours a fantastic 9 hour stop over there where I managed to very easily store my hand luggage, jump on the express train, get a metered cab to The Petronas Towers, had a tour of the towers and may I say to my delight KL really offered up some really interesting architecture a mix of brutalist, 60's modernist and wonderful 70's delights, tucked underneath the Petronas Towers is a fabulous blend of shopping that is world standard - the Chocolate dipped potato chips particularly caught my eye in the lower good court along with some fabulous shoes and boutiques.
Petronas Tower

Fascinating mix of architecture in Kuala Lumpur
I had some amazing Malaysian food and then headed to the Lake Symphony’s dancing fountains and KLCC Park (a free family friendly water park) to lie on the grass and watch families at play. May I say I found the Uniforms very dapper and impressive in KL might have to capture them on my way back home. I meet so many lovely people in that short time - a very friendly city.
Walking from Petronas towers to KLCC park I am dwarfed by the towering trees of the park
Back to the airport collect hand luggage an hour and 15 minutes later I landed in Phuket...wardrobe Tropical Pack Hack working thus far - but that's a blog for a later date.
OH MY! I knew my transfers were organised and that I had chosen a really lovely place to stay full stop - I have done all that before and it is pleasant but usually a pretty pedestrian experience but not this time. I was greeted by an elegantly dressed woman warmly and professionally and so the journey begins. A very short car ride that includes ambient music, drinking water and captivating scenery that is like a fast forward of iconic imagery flashes before you as you are taken to the resort.

The entrance to the Pullman Phuket Arcadia belies not of its secrets tall dark walls and signage greet you and from there it is all just a little bit wonderful.

There is nothing like the disappointment of a film everyone has raved about so I wont rave too much, this really is a place that has to be experienced first hand. What I will do is tell you is a little bit about my stay. I have been here less than 24 hours and I think I have fallen in love and I think it's with this place.
This is called checking in here - seriously - no exaggeration required.

Loved finding beautiful surprises like lovely navy Chambray robes, Umbrellas and a gorgeous beach bag complete with sumptuous beach towels. the well lit space for your luggage and large mirrors - brilliant!

 I must say this space invites you - I am so looking to writing here and sharing this experience - stay tuned more tomorrow!

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