Monday, April 27, 2015

The Phi Phi Islands - Day Six Diving

I love nature and after seeing it all around me I was ready to dive in literally - take me to the ocean the wide beautiful glistening waters and the lush islands I had been seeing. The film The Island with Leonardo Di Caprio impressed upon me all those years ago - take me there. If Leo was lucky and still there he might get to spot me in my bikini.
I had a clutch of pamphlets that I had read through and explored trip advisor but was still unsure of what tour might be best, so I headed to the tour desk at the Pullman Phuket and was advised me to take the  Siam Adventure World Tours Phi Phi Island tour. Transfers were included and the hotel packed a gourmet breakfast to go ready for the 6.20 am pick up. With an ample supply of sunscreen my wide brimmed hat I was off! The Royal Marina Phuket was a real surprise it is well disguised and is a complete contrast to the outer surrounds. Manicured and opulent grounds open onto the marina and a series of high end residential complexes and homes. The tour group was friendly and has us on board the speedboat before we knew it.

After a pretty uneventful hour in a speed boat it happened - it all happened. I will let the images speak for themselves.
This was our first stop and yes it was where The Beach was filmed I took the option of the short inland walk and discovered what was at the end of this steep ladder and this tiny hut shrine it resembled a dolls house in size.
The view was worth the short climb
A traditional long tail boat
Why do we lock ourselves up in offices and houses all day when there is so to much see? A family of sharks swam past me beautiful to see. Strange how safe these waters felt compared to Australian oceans where you can be gobbled up or stung by all manner of things on our chilly waters.
This was a great tour for many reasons the size of the group the uncrowded beaches - the respect for wildlife and the environment. The food... I will never forget eating fresh pineapple pieces in the lagoon, the Thai buffet with divine fish sauce we enjoyed on the beach, the heart shaped watermelon pieces to refresh the palate afterwards and all the while stopping off to dive and swim in the warmest ocean water I have ever experienced. The zero footprint, the fact that these guys collected rubbish and debris from the ocean floor whilst working. Nothing was disposable on this tour apart from the drink containers, the company used real cutlery and plates etc. I have long made it a habit of cleaning beaches that I visit it is not hard and I saw an amazing lizard while doing so resembling a miniature Alligator.

This young guy stole my heart - he was made for his job as underwater photographer and assistant to the crew. The entire team was great and I felt envy for their lifestyle and occupation. I can't wait to dive again. 
 Siam Adventure World

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