Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why I am Deciding to be THE NEW NIGELLA

Nigella might be feeling sheepish for a while and yes she is incredible, but after reading about her recent events and with all due respects I think I should step in for her while she recuperates.

Why? I am a a whizz in the kitchen, love body conscious clothing,we are both brunette, neither of us are beanstalk thin nor shy. I can waffle on endlessly about flavours and use double entredre like toppings and sprinkles too. I can marvel at the texture of Mango or an Avocado endlessy.
My love of food and colour is quite perfect, but it does have to compete with my love of fashion - often vintage and my on going affair with gaudy jewellery, I only wear real plastic - I like it big and obvious!
Her affectation might be refined and British while mine is a more little textured, omnivore and somewhat eclectic. The new digs will look like this...I can just imagine the kitchen, the aromas, carpets, there has to be mauve faux fur somewhere and some kinky tap/faucet fittings - I can wear flimsy fabrics and drip everything on my chest, drink and play my sterio, dance and if I am having a really great time I might forget and burn the food - it will be great!

Life in Lemon Yellow” | Artist: Jen Zahigian | Palm Springs, CA

I sure hope it has a pool - Bon appetite!

Why bad food is so interesting

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