Saturday, August 18, 2012

::: Huon Me and a Cradle Makes Three :::

So the 2nd half of the Tasmania stay...

I am no nature freak - but I do regard animals and nature as having more rights than us mere humans. We continue to stuff things up, destroy, pillage and descimate, I respect nature but thought I was far from the outdoorsy type.

I had been told Cradle Mountain was quite beautiful and saw an image of a friend high in the trees enjoying an 'airwalk' and thought I'd like to try that.

Bumbled around online and fluked out big time!
Lets start with the Lodge. Chevy Chase himself could have had an American Vacation in this one was the A-typical uber lodge. Heaven kitsch yet modern enough, seriously I was going to don walking shoes like giant tennis racquets and don a fur hat.

The lodge was timber goodness surrounded by blissful nature and a beautiful array of small animals flittered about almost on cue. It was the Truman Show in Oz. I ate breakfast while watching a Platypus flit and start breaking the mirror like finish of the pond it lives in. Shy wombats waited like fat old men, gentile and timorous almost polite deciding who should cross the path first he or I.

I immediately fell in love.

This was behind the cabin...
Beyond beautiful.
This image was taken near Cradle mountain just phenomenal. These are test shots for a later shoot.

I am so happy with these next images that reflect the changing light as I approached Cradle Mountain and the lodge, I stopped and snapped them from the side of the road and caught all of this within 5 minutes! Light was fading and changing like I'd never seen before.

Spent a mid morning discovering the Huon River which is closer to Hobart - a bewilderment of astonishing beauty. Drove along a road practically being licked by the Huon river an incredible experience. The fog was so dense at midday you could barely make out the water in this image, it later lifted to the clearest day.

I want to go back and experience the place in every season. 
Tasmania huh who knew!

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