Sunday, August 19, 2012


Cicciolina Porn Star to Italian Political Party
The Cult of Personality...

Q:What do you do with a personality that's larger than life? A:Make it a cult.

Some personalities just are.
They are not refined of honed they exist. They may pre exist in some raw form early on and then develop into something more intense and consistent becoming more like a brand.

Nicki Minaj
Lady Gaga
Forest Gump - he had one.

The Kennedys
Frank Sinatra
Mick Jagger and his swagger
Justin Beiber - I have seen no evidence of it yet...but I hear he can sing.

Amy Winehouse
Janice Joplin
You need personality to rock this at 60+!
Karl Largerfeild

Big fat flying looping swooping buzzing pervasive personalities that fill up a room. Their own self, in essence their brand - BOOM! The individuals energy fills every crevice of the room every atom of some brains, people want it like it, emulate and loathe it. The populous pay homage to it, the -insert name here- brand whips itself into a potent froth. Its interesting isn't it the power and cult of personality it resonates around us on so many levels.

SO where does it all begin?

I believe its innate - god given. Intrinsic. There since childhood which none of us get to escape.

Like a smack of intense weather the brand of cult personality can colour your world. The public likes to identify with, attach themselves and align their life with the personality brand a la 'Leave Brittany Alone' clip. She aches I ache. Her success is my success. Her pain is my pain "Oh lets all have a come back tour"

A positioning statement is esoterically attained.

Think Elvis Presley. His brand and cult are posthumously maintained personally by the masses and by the media. His name contains a unique yet consistent frame of reference for everyone familiar with his brand and name.
In this clip personality and charisma ooze all over us and is impossible to resist.

Micheal Jackson the brand will live forever due to the personality and talent he had.

Marketing is a strange phenomenon and what sells and works can be irrefutably absurd. Take a hefty blokey man put him in blue sequins and get him to sing Disco and you have a classic number one hit single by none other than DIVINE. Sheer force of personality and correct timing = universally popular. It sells with conviction.

Wear your brand

your personality

your integrity and your power well

do not abuse inflict or embellish it

just be it.

Be a little Cicciolina, Karl, Divine, Elvis and carve out your own unique life.

Just be you while you do your stuff.

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