Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have been away. A long over due short respite.

Never had the inking to go there before but the news of the 'new' and incredible gallery had me convinced I should see this back water that feels like a a backyard (over some water) to Melbourne. I would have previously typified it as a quaint and humble country style get away.

Reluctantly I booked flights to Tasmania and back - Hobart to be precise. Destination MONA Museum of Old and New Art. While I was going to be in the Apple Isle I had heard Cradle Mountain was quite good to, so I booked two nights at the Cradle Mountain Lodge. I had no expectation and am usually up for a bit of the unknown.

Well %$#@ me!

I was totally surprised by the Architecture in Hobart - they have keep everything that most cities have torn down. Such a conglomeration beautifully kept, the streets are clean and the air so crisp it snap froze my checks - all four of them to a beautiful pink glow!

There were a few stand outs for me, one of which was this amazing orange monolith. 
Exquisite Tangerine Excellence!

I  am guessing this glass beauty is anywhere from '63 to '68. 

I was pleased to see great examples of Brutalist Architecture around the harbor, this is the Hobart Hospital. 
Brilliant glass and textured cement towers.

This too caught my eye, had I had more time I would have delved more into the history and use of these buildings, my snap shots for now must suffice. Love the sweeping curvaceousness of this and the dynamism of the lines as your eyes cast across those very sensuous lines.

Now this is just chunky waffle goodness, magnificent in its hollow exterior and the step effect interplay of the planes this seriously impresses me.

As I headed to see the reason for my Tassie Visit I was able to spy this inter-fold facade of cleverness with tight bold exacting boxes jutting out - as someone who thoroughly enjoys form these buildings delighted me. Some women love shoes, some are stimulated by precious stones and meaningless jewelry not me this stuff does it for me tenfold it sets of all kinds off buttons and triggers...
So then I headed on to...

I understand why people don't say much about their visits there it really must be experienced. Here are some images to incite you to simply go. These images are pretty much just the walls...its as sexy as hell in there!

 Oh the textures most of this place is subterranean literally...
 Aquatic Instillation Art!

Ok so I do like these shoes and they were surprisingly comfortable...give yourself at least 4 hours at Mona. I am itching to return, there are some sexual pieces but it is not grotesque nor is it overly confronting. The amazing this is the diversity of the museum and it is simply one mans collection of art, it is not thematic nor is it curatorially edited, it is diverse impressive and compelling. Hats of to Mr David Walsh the owner and founder. It houses a crypt and you can be entombed after cremation and be there in spirit for eternity. It certainly brings a new meaning to the expression 'Art to Die For'.

Stay tuned for Tassie part 2...I had an outdoor adventure! 
Meanwhile get your toush to tassie. 
Air kisses and love babies!

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