Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Put Some Shizzle in Your Drizzle! Vintage Glassware

I do love collection of beautiful objects and price or origin has never been my motivator I don't think anyone could ever accuse me of being a snob and here is proof. This adorable set of glassware is a pretty adhoc and is not extraordinary in anyway but I love it being a reminder of a finer era.

 Check out the very short video and vote yes or no to the hair do - did!
I would love some more signature Jonathan Adler pieces like this little Lion to compliment some of my vintage items they blend in beautifully...and did you note I am looking out for fellow collectors? If you have a friend you might recommend please share the video with them.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


I love shopping vintage as many of you know, there is the thrill of the find the treasure aspect of it that makes it so exciting. Recently I came across a diamond in the rough this tiger print full length dress. I instantly responded to the print and the richness of the colour so I purchased it along with a few other things from Take 2 markets which always offer up some goodness.
The amount of the garish print was overwhelmingly costume like although I think Florence Welsh might rock it, for my every day or night out I would have to work on this. 
The side seams were crooked and I suspect the previous owner had closed long side slits.
I had a vision it could look more like this, more current and wearable with staying true to some aspects of the original design.

Here is a sketch of the work required to take the basic sack like design to something that would suit my figure type.
I need fitted and a certain length or I quadruple in size, I am tall with square shoulders and can look large if I don't wear a fitted garment, so these are the steps I took to retro fit it.

I would recommend the following guidelines as I have learned the hard way...

  • Try the garment on with the heel height you intend to wear it with especially when deciding on the hem length.
  • Align the darts - measure measure measure. 
  • Always cut hems 6cm longer than required - if you cut it too short it is all over and you won't wear it. If you do happen to cut it too short you can use a facing but this becomes arduous and is no fun - I like immediate results.
  • Make alterations less than you think then keep taking in as required, if you are too aggressive with the alterations and unpicking is needed this is never ideal and can damage the garment.
  • Keep trying on and refining as you go.
  • Use good scissors invest in a large pair of tailors shears one smooth cut is brilliant and once you get use to the weight and size you can use the tips for fine cutting - you will thank me trust me.
  • Check your iron setting before you give the garment a final press - start with a cool iron, gone are the days of heavy pressing and be warned some synthetics melt onto the iron and this destroys your unique find and your iron - very ruining.
  • Keep offcuts.
Once you have tried the garment on a number of times and refined the fit and given it a final press you can head out in your unique find.
I love this dress and have made a video on my youtube channel about this project - hop over here give it a watch and subscribe! I think I will wear it with my tan boots and a fitted black jacket or cardigan for  work and some really clashy heels and accesories when I head out perhaps magenta or cobalt blue shoes. See you on the Retro side and thanks for reading!

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Phi Phi Islands - Day Six Diving

I love nature and after seeing it all around me I was ready to dive in literally - take me to the ocean the wide beautiful glistening waters and the lush islands I had been seeing. The film The Island with Leonardo Di Caprio impressed upon me all those years ago - take me there. If Leo was lucky and still there he might get to spot me in my bikini.
I had a clutch of pamphlets that I had read through and explored trip advisor but was still unsure of what tour might be best, so I headed to the tour desk at the Pullman Phuket and was advised me to take the  Siam Adventure World Tours Phi Phi Island tour. Transfers were included and the hotel packed a gourmet breakfast to go ready for the 6.20 am pick up. With an ample supply of sunscreen my wide brimmed hat I was off! The Royal Marina Phuket was a real surprise it is well disguised and is a complete contrast to the outer surrounds. Manicured and opulent grounds open onto the marina and a series of high end residential complexes and homes. The tour group was friendly and has us on board the speedboat before we knew it.

After a pretty uneventful hour in a speed boat it happened - it all happened. I will let the images speak for themselves.
This was our first stop and yes it was where The Beach was filmed I took the option of the short inland walk and discovered what was at the end of this steep ladder and this tiny hut shrine it resembled a dolls house in size.
The view was worth the short climb
A traditional long tail boat
Why do we lock ourselves up in offices and houses all day when there is so to much see? A family of sharks swam past me beautiful to see. Strange how safe these waters felt compared to Australian oceans where you can be gobbled up or stung by all manner of things on our chilly waters.
This was a great tour for many reasons the size of the group the uncrowded beaches - the respect for wildlife and the environment. The food... I will never forget eating fresh pineapple pieces in the lagoon, the Thai buffet with divine fish sauce we enjoyed on the beach, the heart shaped watermelon pieces to refresh the palate afterwards and all the while stopping off to dive and swim in the warmest ocean water I have ever experienced. The zero footprint, the fact that these guys collected rubbish and debris from the ocean floor whilst working. Nothing was disposable on this tour apart from the drink containers, the company used real cutlery and plates etc. I have long made it a habit of cleaning beaches that I visit it is not hard and I saw an amazing lizard while doing so resembling a miniature Alligator.

This young guy stole my heart - he was made for his job as underwater photographer and assistant to the crew. The entire team was great and I felt envy for their lifestyle and occupation. I can't wait to dive again. 
 Siam Adventure World

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day Four - Patong...

Another gorgeous day in Phuket and I am looking for the more typical experience and am off to Patong. Busy busy Patong very tourist driven, lots of bars, shopping, entertainment and real estate for sale in tiny shop fronts that were more like cubicles, while it was great to see seeing Bangla Rd once was enough it was pretty hectic. I found it to be like Rye carnival on steroids.
There are lots of bars and entertainment I can see how this might appeal to a younger market. Groups of friends hitting the town out to have fun. The Aussie themed bars were something I chose to avoid. So yes I did the fishy feet thing and I loved it, while others squealed I blissed out. But as for riding elephants and watching animal acts I chose not to. If I were traveling with children I recommend a day visit and leave the after hours for the over eighteens. A quick visit then off to Juncelon for families I would say.
The large shopping complex called Jungcelon is in the heart of Patong that has numerous restaurants and offers both traditional and western options, of note was the Ramen Burger and the Almond Choco balls which I would imagine to be a lot like Nutella Nuggets. Nom nom!
Speaking of taste I did discover a new fashion store I fell in love with JASPAL tiny sizes though I just squeezed into the large. Lovely lovely accessories and well planned options and colours,very elegant great price point and as I found after returning to Australia a Thai company. I picked up some wonderful shorts but will have to wait a whole season for summer to roll around before I can wear them would have loved to have snagged this range and the quirky applique dress it's just perfect.   

So in a land of diversity I decided to head back to The Pullman Phuket for dinner where I indulged in a two course a la cart dinner. From food court to fine dining whats not to love? So back to the room for a quick shower and change then a cocktail before dining.
I packed light - new blog on whether my planning worked or not coming soon. This is the view from the C-bar - I recommend The Pullman Signature containing fresh mint apple and has a sweet and sour zing! Gorgeous and alcohol free very refreshing and hydrating after a long hot day. 

I chose an a la carte two course dinner at Elements restaurant.
'All Day Dining will showcase fusion delicacies and the fine traditions of Thai and Western cuisine.'
Can I just say everything did taste as good as it looks. The appetiser was a standout for me Chicken Beef and Prawn cooked three ways, don't get me wrong the Fish in Mango sauce was incredible as was the Curry Chicken. I live in Melbourne the unchallenged food capital of Australia and as such I eat well every day - this place does not fail. The Food Court was fun but...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day Three Phuket Paradise

Morning coffee here at one of the infinity pool seating areas and a nap in the cabana chair before choosing how to spend the day. Nai Thon Beach which is literally minutes so I finally decided to wrench myself away from the resort to see the actual beach and what a sweet sight it was. This is a snap shot from here you can see the resort on the hill.
These nifty little doorless cars make a lot of sense in this place!
It is quite warm here and the Pullman Phuket offers free shuttles to Nai Thon beach which is a little back water dotted with massage and food offerings, diving from a traditional long tail and lovely white sand and pale turquoise ocean. Seconds later I was stepping into the warmest ocean water I have every experienced swimming was divine and grabbed a meal from one of the local street traders.
These women are using a mortar and pestle more herbs and nuanced flavour than a lot of restaurants - just wonderful. Lovely accommodating people too ensuring we had the right drinks despite the language barrier. This food was purchased opposite the green money exchange store front on the beach where the shuttle car dropped me off - it was a lovely way to wait for the car to collect me.

Back to the Resort shower and refresh with some snacks and a Rose before dinner.
Then off to Vero the Italian Restaurant on the upper level for the first time.
Very cool romantic place with illuminated menus. The food was divine I has scallops with truffle oil and then buffalo mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil stack. My partner had the Gnocchi with mushrooms which was a whole other taste journey.
Gorgeous food and atmosphere polished off with a glass of Lemonchello and that was how my day drew to an end just sublime.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day Two Phuket Pullman - Thailand Redefined

There is a difference between a #hashtag and a face, a label and an icon and I think I may have just found both at The Pullman Phuket Arcadia Nai Thon Beach where we experience life face to face and icons are created. There is just so much about this place that impresses me.

The resort is 40 - 50 minutes away from Patong but is a world away. This is Thailand re imagined and I think it is a beautiful elegant redefining of a tranquil paradise that the world has been waiting for this is Phuket and Thailand at its best.
My morning started with a personal Yoga class on the roof top of the gym surrounded by an incredible vista of the rolling hills and the bays, whether my head or tail was up or down every view was phenomenal - that was day two at the Pullman Phuket it looked a little something like this...there were two of us and the instructor nice and private.
Then onto breakfast the award winning breakfast buffet - delicious and caters for every taste from pastries and traditional offerings to exotic fare - unbelievably good!
Then there is the view - day two and no desire to leave this resort its sprawling natural beauty just keeps offering more up at every turn.
I can see the beach but at present it can not compete with this place - perhaps tomorrow I will make it there. There is so much to share and I can only speak from experience and from the heart when I say this place really must be experienced to be believed. More tomorrow x