Saturday, June 7, 2014

There Are So Many Ladies Creating Art These Days!

Craft and Nanna's knitting has been left way behind - well apparently knitting is still in as long as you put the wool in...

Apparently women are just realising they have vagina's and they are a little confused. I thought it was a given that vaginas exist and I thought I knew why...

On to the Art aspect of the V.

Australians are a pretty resourceful lot - imaginative too especially Casey Jenkins. I am not sure where she got the idea that something might jump out of a 'vulva' and eat you up, that 'vulvas' are scary and threatening but apparently this is her way of dealing with those notions.

All whilst menstruating.

Now that might seem hard to top but no lets whack an egg of two up the Vja ja!

Egg Plop this article explains what I can not!

Then there is Millie Brown - The Vomit Artist who was paid to vomit on Lady Ga Ga. 
Strange I have been calling her Lady Gag Gag for ages.

Then you can always paint using your breasts 

At least this is attractive to look at...

I am creating an exhibition myself it is a work in progess and does not utilise any orrifice, wool, milk or eggs.

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