Sunday, July 15, 2012


Uniforms aren't what they used to be. Just ask Emilio Pucci about this sensible work helmet hat thingy he designed to preserve the hair styles of the flight attendant of the 1960's.

60's fetish boots and PVC a plenty - now that's flying... OK we have well established my love for the vintage so lets go through it.

These women were largely influenced by their role and association in the military - dignified restraint quite beautiful.
Air India 1946

With a hangover from the bombshell's of the 1940's the 50's uniforms sport a more unabashed and figure hugging uniform, unmistakeably sexy yet modest and refined.

Swinging 60's! Oh la laaahhh...

70's questionable hair and gusset hugging shorts worn with low slung belts and ultra cool boots and fabrics so harsh they'll double as industrial abrasives!

1980's...More horrific than bad turbulence with a vomiting child seated next to you - shudder/cringe.
Nordair early 80's

I hope counseling was provided after these ladies suffered the trauma of wearing these outfits.

1990's Apparently prints were in. Not bad things are turning very corporate at this point.

2000's - Today...
Things have certainly settled down a bit now and I think it all works but I think I might have to buck the system.

What I really want to wear in my invisible jet...
The correct way to wear gold accessories and I just adore her body the ultimate feminine.
I think I will petition the airlines today - get in touch with Richard Branson and have a face to face.
I am a fashion designer and surely he needs uniforms for his Virgin Galactic Team...ohhh I will take inspiration from here must dash off to contact 'Richo'
Ciao Ciao and air kisses darlings!

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