Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I am a natural promoter.

I don't where it stems from but if I like something I will share the information and literally promote it. There is no reciprocal agreement its not about gain the motivation is in the sharing of the joy I have found in the product, person, service. item or company.

Feels like a altruistic gesture when I can genuinely share the appreciation I have with others. Genuine is the key factor it has to grab me / impress me. Once that's happened I shamelessly sing the praises of...

My belief is that great work or service should be recognized great character too.


I think I have an affinity for neatly tying in people, needs, making connections, remembering requirements and have that kind of focus, its an inbuilt radar I have. Sometimes it works with the exclusion of myself, I can simply introduce the two needs and they ride off into the sunset with a happy alliance in place.

Hopefully the outward happy ripple creeps back in.

Giving praise is contagious...

and I think it feels great.

Below is a short list of just some of the things, people, companies that impress me.


Brilliant artists in their own right Joel and Brett promote talent as seen above.


Many an hour spent swooning at divine homes that inspire. Two clever women Kim and Jo bring you this incredible site.

From the ridiculous to the sublime. Fibro shacks and real estate divine. Our young country doesn't have a lot of mid century to start with but these lovelies manage to track down whats left for us.

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