Thursday, April 21, 2011

And What of Love?

And what of love?
What becomes of love?

What is the nucleolus of the love?
What is the motivation of the love?

Is love timely, is it wrong and incorrect?
Can love be wasted?

Is love ever wasted?
What if a love exists for 20 years and dies?
What if it exists in a few heart beats as some fantasy catches your eye?

I believe love is never in vain, never wasted and never a futile emotion. I believe love should lead, it should be the invisible aether thread pulling us forth by the neck towards love and desires...

of all kinds.

I have many loves of objects and things, experiences and times of songs and rhymes, people and pets, memories and notions. My loves are outlined here in previous posts but love deep profound is an altogether different thing, it exists in both forms in good and bad.

Love Like a Serpent

Some people love like a serpent with stealth and an ill and malicious motivation their lust and desire when disguised may tempt you all the same.
The serpent strangles and constricts their aim to smother you.
Constriction applied as a reaction to your every move.

If you have ever loved a serpent then woken one day suddenly to realize they are wrong and they are cold, the look in their eye was not one of love but of the intense longing to see you immobilized and wither till you die,

you wake in shock,
move away and continue on.

Love Like Heaven

A Love Like Heaven exults and glorifies us, our chests expand and heave, our minds and souls free.
Love like heaven is delicious and heady euphoric. 
To love like this is open and fair it is the blossoming of our hearts and minds, our souls and is conscious dreamy and while like a fine intoxicating vapor it is definite and resonate,
we recognize it,
it arrests us as it peals through out our being.

Love like heaven is a gentle sweet embrace,
it is barely being held,
there is room to move to grow,
it is a space where good intentions and actions can grow and multiply can enhance and beautify.

Love like heaven one day might come to me.

(Amazing artwork by Fernando Vincente)

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