Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November already....I dislike shopping at the best of times let alone when there are nasty jingles and tinsel and throngs of desperate shoppers feeling anything but festive.

Pour me a long iced tea with a mint spring, fire up the Mac or pc and get comfy, I have decided to do the majority of my shopping and shipping on line Whoo Hoo! No parking, my own music soundtrack and the 12 hours I would have spent trudging back...that time i intend to spend having friends over and enjoying their company, not just diving in to drop of a cheesy present (well haven't we all be caught in that trap before!?) and another thing I am buying multiple people the same gift...from the heart.

Gift giving - its appreciated always but even more so when its a desired or useful item personally speaking that is.

So with that in mind and with a thick slather of self promotion applied this is what I intend to buy / give...
A selection of Calendars - I get good feedback all year from these Art Calendars

$22.00 each (AU) Bargain!

Or a framed print...I get my family and friends to choose from here and Santa does the rest Shop here

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