Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My love of .........Whats Not Fashionable at the Time

Now this may be one of the most risque 'shares' of my entire lifetime. I do like to think of myself of a modernist to some degree with traditional values but I have never been afraid to challenge convention either.

As most of you now know I am a clothing designer, stylist and an artist. My love of beauty and detail goes into the appreciation and creation of my work and the things I have collected over many years.

So with my heart on my sleeve I must confess...amongst my collection of mid century ceramics, vintage sewing accessories, jewelery and clothing including cravats and tie pins and the best cuff links you could ever imagine...tucked in a drawer here and there and yes snuck subtly onto display in my home- lets call it subversively (makes me feel cool and edgy) are my .........pause for effect...........doilies and hand embroidered table cloths and linen.


There I have said it...they are small intimate treasures hand stitched desires, hearts poured into small neat threads of carefully selected color, hand made lace, starching and ideas of permanence. Small details to cover protect and covet the furniture purchased once to last a lifetime, in a time when in that patient diligence of heartfelt creation pride and dignity was poured.

Young girls were taught by their mothers, aunts, sisters and grandmothers how to sew, how to sit and master the fine grade weaves and knots, how to tat, embroider and sew, these divine little creations were passed on, carefully placed into glory boxes and hope seems that hiding behind my perm in the mid 80's my mind had notions like that. So there in my best gloried funk traipsing around Melbourne's not so cool streets then Johnston,Greville and Smith Streets, Plenty Road and High Street I gathered and collected all manner of what people perceived to be listed above. You must remember folks this is in a time of Salmon and Grey decor...and while I am at it I do own a hand full of smashing Nanna hats too...they were just to well made to ignore.

Back to the doilies...perhaps I should just let the pictures do the talking - these are taken in my home and perhaps reflect my mish mash approach to the era's I love.

Do you think Janice loved her David? On the other corners of this small square linen table cloth is what I suspect to be the children's initials - one is shown here...

Are you expecting?
I think the babies pillow slip is machine embroidered but is still exquisite to me.

Ok another fetish I have is for donkeys they have the kindest eyes, lovely lashes and work so hard...this is probably my most favorite piece! This is one corner of a square table cloth - so 50's!

Ok so this ones a multiple brag - I threw together the art works and the phone is possibly one of the best things I have ever been given its been embellished to be known as the Glamor Phone and the jewelery box is something else I love given to me by my big sister - the flowers were a gift from the Mothers Day stall from my sons and it all sits upon an embroidered place-mat that's far to delicate to ever be used for those purposes.

Close up.

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Ideas for Painting Modern and Beyond said...

modern... traditionalist values and challenge can't ignore the craft of the past!! nor aspire to, create something so utter contemporary and unique.....I so agree