Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Earliest Fashion Influences

Samantha Stevens : Her conservative tight housewife style, understated with the best garish house as backdrop this woman had 'it' in a very subtle way. Love the way the clothes stood away from the figure and was about cut and colour, small discreet accessories and statement hair.

Gidget - Ohhhhhhhh I cant gush enough Hello Ric Rac, Gingham, and bobbles on bikinis! So much fruity colour, stripes, towels with fringe HEAVEN! Great hip shaking dancing, the flipped out brown bob..too cute!

Now lets get really serious about my earliest role model Agent 99 subtle, sultry, doe eyed and a
complete hipster. Max was nice but HYMIE if I could find him I would marry him today love that guy!

This might have to be part one of two ;)

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