Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Classic 1960 Pontiac Catalina Restoration

So this is my beautiful sky blue 2 door 1960 Pontiac Catalina. Isn't she a beaut?

I have had this dream machine for a couple of years and purchased it as is which is original with a newer but very tired interior. While I know a lot of car collectors and customisers I am more of a traditionalist and get very excited about original features and design elements.

I had been planning to restore the interior of my car and had accumulated quite a bit of information including this incredible promotional video.

The current upholstery can be seen in these images below on the front bench seat. I will also change elements of the dashboard paint. The speaker system was tucked into the glove compartment and four speakers were sitting underneath the front seats - lets just say the heavy bass was quite the experience.

All of the springs and padding had completely eroded or broken which made you feel like you were sitting on the floor while driving.

I soon found that SMS Fabrics could supply my original door trims and replace almost the entire interior. They are great to deal with and if you have any trouble finding what you are after just send them an email they offer sample swatches and were very helpful. My car already had new navy carpets, roof and boot linings, so I chose to keep those. SMS were great to deal with and I purchased a stunning woven fabric, two different shades of blue vinyl, three embossed panels for the seats, door handle pads and the parcel shelf. Every item was made to order and delivery was staggered but well worth the wait.
Two tone heat embossed door panels 
All seals and finishes are being replaced and the mechanisms serviced.

I am so happy with the team that are working on this stay tuned as there will be a follow up blog and video soon, so if you haven't already please subscribe to my youtube channel here.

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