Monday, July 6, 2015

Lisa Defazio THE Unofficial Ambassador of Everything

I have grown up in Melbourne Victoria where the cuisine is world renown and we have a great depth of culinary variety. Our city is vibrant and diverse, so even when I am familiar ground I am thoroughly spoilt. My comparison when I travel is...
'Is as good as I can get at home?' 

I love to cook, fine dining and occasionally fast food but of course it must be good. Often a meal can be one of the more memorable markers of traveling or life in general. I will never forget the Lobster Pasta I enjoyed at the Grossi Restaurant when it was in Eltham many many years ago - little did I know that the restauranteur would go on to be a hugely respected and famed chef. I had my unconventional 21st at Florentino's as it was known in the day. I think I managed to confuse my friends but the Spinach Gnocchi was divine.

Word of mouth is very powerful - I have taken some ordinary advice but upon reflection it was from a person far removed from me, we were after different things. The good meaning individual sent me off for a wonderful afternoon of shopping that turned out to be cheap knock offs and a less than desirable food court in Thailand. No harm done - what I can tell you is what I have found to be remarkable in the many places I have been. you can see my instagram profile lisadefazzio for examples of what delights or excites me.

Culture is a subjective experience, I do not long for the mundane. I want to know the people, see the back streets hear some back stories. Find the proverbial hidden gem and I seem to have a nose for it. There was a wonderful little cafe I found in Sapporo called Eamon's Chouchou that had charming smiley cutlery that was so full of character it is still in my head today. Then there is the local fare like that found at No 35, Attica, UAE, B'stilla Cantina to name a few.

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