Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Have You Got a Minute? Interview with Fletch from Classic Resto's

It is no secret I love vintage and classic cars so it will come as no surprise that I have spent many hours watching CLASSIC RESTO'S with Fletch as the host.

I have marvelled as he weaves his way through the myriad of cars and I love that he shows no bias. From heavy movers to panel vans and everything in-between. From the small car shows here in interesting outback towns to huge events based in the United States Fletch informs and educates and lets us get to know the people. You learn about the vehicle and more importantly the owners story which he highlights so well.

Recently I got to meet Fletch for the first time while appearing on Classic Resto's at the Showcars of Melbourne event. We discussed the Richard Zocchi fully customised 1960 Dodge Pioneer I get to love and drive with my partner. With its pink velour interior and exquisite lines highlighted by paint work by Art Himsel in two tone Malibu Pink with a gold pearl overlay the car really is remarkable.
Meeting Mark Fletcher was great although I am sure my nerves are evident in the footage.

A few weeks later I got to turn the tables on Mark Fletcher and interviewed him for my youtube show Have You Got a Minute? Where I interview people about their passions and interests. I hope you get to enjoy getting to know Fletch a little better and hear how he shaped his career carving into the show we have all come to know and love.

Fletch also runs tours which sound incredible I am told it gives you exclusive access to are and seldom seen areas - book me in! You can find details of the tours here. 

If you love cars I will be meeting the very lovely Cherie and Richard Zocchi later this month and interviewing them about their incredible contribution to the Custom Car Culture. Please subscribe and share my youtube Channel - you never know who you will meet. See you next time!

You can see the Dodge in motion here!

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