Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beautiful Women, Beautiful Men and Cars.

Women love cars.

It's true.

Not all...but some.

There is some thing about the 'physicality of a car, it's dimensions, the scale, the trim, the textures, its smell, the 'fit' when you get in. The sound of a car too - some cars purr, some growl others rumble.

Beautiful women, beautiful men and cars.
A beautiful shot of Angie Dickinson in a soft top looking every bit the part. 
Dolly Parton with an incredible 1964 Cadillac. 
I drove one very recently it was heavenly!

Swoon - Sophia Loren swanning about perched on the hood of a Gullwing note the grid like gills!
Kim Novak picking up her Cadillac in 1957
Audrey and William Holden in a Nash-Healey.
There are just so many things to appreciate in this image but I do think his hat wins.

Steve McQueen in his 1956 Jaguar XKSS 
My lovely Mr Carey Grant and what looks to be a fiat?

The lovely Marilyn Monroe, a Singer Roadster and I am unsure of the gentleman - I suspect its Sammy Davies Jnr.

An even more beautiful image of Angie just because.

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Craig said...

I like seeing famous people, and the cars they owned when they were new. Some of these photos, I haven't seen before. The car Cary Grant is standing in a 1955 BMW Isetta.