Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weird Little Men that Turn Me On.

Leo Sayer

I am sure he is a colored guy on the inside - cool falsettos ultimate loose dance moves and that hair. Play me any Leo track and I am yours...

Danny DeVito
I don't know? He probably up to my waist in height - not classically attractive but he is one powerfully charismatic and talented man. I am not sure with the right amount of atmosphere and wine if I could be trusted. Seriously this guy has got something most other guys do not and I love the 'stache!

Radar O'Rielly
When I was a young girl I admit it I loved both Alan Alder for his sharp wit and elegant hair and Radr. But I really loved Radar - although I thought the bear was a bit much. I think I trusted Radar he was the good guy and I was always fascinated by that hat...perhaps thats where it all started?

Confession is now over.

Danny - The Money Shot

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