Saturday, September 4, 2010

LANDELL at Alumbra : Fashion 101

Melbourne Spring Fashion week is in full swing and I am delighted to report that that my label LANDELL was invited to be a part of the exclusive event!

Some quick snaps from APL Photography
 "POPPY" Lisa Defazio for LANDELL

"HAVANA" Lisa Defazio for LANDELL

Dresses for sale or made to order on request.


Danielle said...

Hi Lisa,

i absolutely love the 'Poppy' dress shown at Alumbra: Fashion 101
and also the metalic dress worn at the show. How can i get a pricing or contact makers/stockist?


Danielle Murray

Teer Wayde said...

Oh these are amazing! I wish I could have seen all the designs.

Lisa my sweet I can't wait to show off my skirt!