Monday, August 25, 2014

Exhibition now on final week I AM YOUR SEX THING

A multi sensory photographic series of self portraits featuring instantly recognisable characters reveling in various degrees of self objectification and sexuality. Includes a sniffing station, sweets, pubes, perspex a book launch and people.

I AM YOUR SEX THING by Lisa Defazio 
Exhibition August 18th - 31st. 2014
A burlesque stripper who brings down the house. A hard-core party girl with a don’t-mess-with-me-attitude who harbours a heart of gold. A blonde sex kitten who purrs for everyone she meets. They are just a few of the outrageous, wicked and thought-provoking characters who leap to life in I Am Your Sex Thing, artist Lisa Defazio’s startling multimedia exploration of raunch culture.
Hogan Gallery
310 Smith Street 
Collingwood 3066
Phone: 9419 6126
Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 1pm-5p

Featuring ludicrous yet very real persona's with a palpable desperation to be desired, a chameleon like parody these photographic self portraits and videos will explore what it is to be a SEX THING. Compelling women of inspiration are Cindy Sherman and Nikki Lee. Their work is gripping and explore not too dissimilar themes to my work. The IYST's stand alone unlike Cindy and Nikki's work it is the static image being explored void of distraction, sets or trappings this is a woman presented in varied skins and transmogrified by attitude, her entire presence changes when wrapped in another sexual cliche.
Lost in a sea of loose and affected self expectation women willingly now adopt the overblown ideals once reserved for pornography. This is helping to create a negative momentum, desensitisation and an inversion of power. 

Women and girls alike are adopting overtly sexualised wardrobes and attitudes once reserved for the realms of pornography and professionals. I am taking a long hard look at myself. In a number of guises I walk a mile in the shoes of ten separate identities. 
Think Cindy Sherman meets Jerry Springer.

I am perplexed and fixated on the heightened sexualization of women and girls in this age of liberation and choice. This is something I am wanting to challenge and explore this first hand. My project 'I AM YOUR SEX THING' (IYST) will be looking at this emerging trend I call Phantasm Feminism and ask is it empowering?

Pedestrian celebrity saturating our consciousness heavy with exploitative and highly charged sexual overtones that remain unquestioned and accepted, it is prevalent and has become the new norm'. I see this influence adopted in the street by the 'every woman and every girl' with increasingly intensifying degrees.

phantasm (ˈfæntæzəm )
1. a phantom
2. an illusory perception of an object, person, etc
3. (in the philosophy of Plato) objective reality as distorted by perception
Phantasm Collins English Dictionary
Opening night pictures here

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